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Female, Breast Enlargement, North London

Deciding whether to have plastic surgery is a huge decision. Not only is your body changing long term, but you also have the worry of the procedure and not liking the final result. This is why I am extremely glad I got recommend to Dr. Nilesh Sojitra. He helped to guide me during the        consultation as to what size of implant would suit my body for a natural appearance without leaving stretch marks with the use of 3D scanning so I could visualise the result. The consultation left me feeling confident that I made the right choice for my body in terms of the implant size and the surgeon. The procedure went incredibly well and I was given all the aftercare information I needed and felt ready to go home the same day. I suffered no complications from the surgery and was very comfortable within the next few days. Now fully healed, Dr. Sojitra has kept up with my recovery and I am extremely happy with the end result of my surgery and the quality of care I recived from Dr. Sojitra with regards to his professional opinion and surgical skills. I would recommend Dr. Sojitra to anyone considering surgery, his level of experience and ability to build up an outstanding patient-doctor repore leaves you feeling secure and confident.

Male, Prominent Ear Correction, South London

Hi there,

I just wanted to email to thank you for your help throughout the last few months.  I’d also like to thank Dr Sojitra for the procedure and even though it has only been a week I am very pleased with what he has done.  Finally I’d also like to thank Teresa for the follow up appointment; she was very polite and helpful regarding my recovery.  I have another follow up booked with Dr Sojitra in 5 weeks, so I look forward to seeing you/him then.

Thanks again.


Tummy Tuck, Female, Hertfordshire

Dear Mr Sojitra,

i would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic surgery you performed on me.  For the first time in many years i am feeling confident that i will have my pain free life back and although its early days the difference is already huge.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in the journey throughout and also the amazing job you did – it’s a joy to look at myself in the mirror even though i am still swollen!

You’ve given me my life back!!!

thank you


Breast Enlargement, Female, North London

Since my early teens I was forever self conscious over my breasts, not only did I constantly wear baggy clothes to hide the size of my breasts but I also struggled to be confident in my appearance as an effect. After careful consideration I began looking at my options with breast augmentation most desirable. Fortunately for myself I did not have too look far regarding my choice of surgeon due to an impeccable recommendation from a family member and having read great testimonies online, I was lead straight to Nilesh Sojitra and his team at Spire hospital in Harpenden.  From beginning to end I received fantastic correspondence from Carolyn who discussed my consultation prior to meeting Nilesh and informed me of what to expect from the consultation along with the price. Furthermore, Carolyn was also able to pencil in a procedure date, at my request – providing my consultation was to go well of course.  I was not disappointed when my consultation arrived with Nilesh, he was very professional and supportive throughout, giving me some much needed advice and answering all questions I had clearly. Therefore, I had no hesitation to confirm the pencilled date right away, this then lead me to meet Teresa. Teresa was lovely, reassuring and knowledgeable throughout my whole surgery experience, prior and pre surgery.  When my surgery day arrived I could not of been more confident on my choice, Spire was a lovely welcoming hospital and I was placed in my own room with en-suite where I was admitted quickly and efficiently. Prior to surgery Nilesh came to prep me for surgery and answer any last minute queries or worries I may have had. The minutes running up to the surgery itself are slightly blurry but I do remember Alan, a very settling friendly anaesthetist accompanied by an equally friendly team around him.  Pre surgery Nilesh and Teresa both visited me along with the nurse, I felt extremely sick but was cared for very well and left later with my family in the evening, feeling mildly dozy but well. Following my surgery I have returned to Spire hospital a number times, all of which have been necessary routine check ups from very friendly, clean efficient staff- I could not have asked for a better service from all the staff I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout.  Overall, my confidence has doubled as my implants have settled and I could not be happier in myself. For anyone looking to undergo cosmetic surgery I would highly recommend Nilesh and its fantastic team, all together they offer a great knowledge and easy experience, making everything go smoothly but also enjoyable.

Breast Enlargement (Mummy Makeover), Female, Hertfordshire

I am a 39 year old woman and after 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding both children for a year, my breasts took some ‘beating’ and lost both perkiness and size. I was postponing my decision about breast augmentation for a long while, as I was not keen on big, artificial breasts – I didn’t want a dramatic change and  was not sure if it was possible to achieve just a simple, natural looking, but ‘perky’ cleavage, which would not scream ‘boob job’!  Dr Sojitra managed to achieve just that – I went up 2 sizes after the surgery, but 3 months later and people around me actually still haven’t realised that I had my breasts ‘done’ – the look is very natural and my breasts look like what they used to look before pregnancies (even better!)  – without a need to wear a push up bra.

The whole team works together very well – Carolyn is very efficient in replying to emails and queries and she managed to change the surgery slot for me to accommodate my holiday plans, which was much appreciated.  Nilesh is confident, relaxed and friendly and answers all the questions with honesty.  Teresa is really lovely – her support is crucial on the day of the surgery and afterwards – I felt reassured to know she is around to answer my questions and check on me.  She kept in touch after the surgery by phone calls and texts to make sure I was doing fine – she is always smiling and very knowledgeable.

My biggest worry was the surgery itself – I really do not like hospitals – I even opted to have a water births to avoid going into hospital with my babies!   But SPIRE is a lovely little hospital, everything was efficient and smooth. I was admitted in the morning, quickly checked by Dr Sojitra and the anaesthesiologist, and in a little while I was walked into the theatre and directly to the operating table, where I was given the anaesthetic.  I woke up an hour later in the recovery room and was wheeled back to my room.  A bit dozy, but the pain was very manageable and I was checked on by a nurse every half an hour or so.  Unfortunately I had a reaction to anaesthetics and was throwing up, but it was soon fixed by an injection and once my stomach calmed down the nurse made sure I had some toast and water on hand, while my husband kept me company.  By 3 pm I was ready to go home – I was very impressed, that all there was to remind me of the surgery was two plasters across the incisions and a sport bra – no dressing to change and absolutely no bruises or marks. I had my surgery on Wednesday; I was off pain killers after a couple of days, could have my first shower on Sunday and was back to work on Monday – with nobody wiser. I had to wear the sports bra I was given by the hospital for 6 weeks, but it was no trouble, after the initial few days getting used to it, it became like the second skin.  I had stitches removed by Teresa two weeks later – didn’t feel a thing, it was all over in a couple of minutes. It takes some time for the implants to settle to the right position (they sit a bit high straight after the surgery and are swollen to start with), but now after 3 months they seem to be all settled.

I am very active and spend a lot of time in the gym weight training – I was worried about how the surgery would influence my performance, but I have no issues whatsoever – after the 6 week recommended break from the gym I am able to do everything I have done before and I do not feel any pain or pulling.  I actually keep forgetting I had my breasts done, because they feel completely as my own, which was exactly what I hoped for!

Overall, I was very happy with the care I have received and I would highly recommend Dr Sojitra’s team for anybody who is considering cosmetic surgery.


Blepharoplasty, Female, Hertfordshire

I had suffered from very heavy eyelids for at least 2 years, I always looked tired and hid behind sunglasses for photographs. I had a consultation with Mr Sojitra to talk about an eyelid reduction who talked me through the procedure and said that having it done under local anaesthetic would be best. From the time I was admitted to spire Harpenden, my treatment was 1st class. The operation took less than an hour, and I didn’t feel a thing.  All the theatre staff were so friendly and kept me at ease. Mr Sojitra and his nurse made sure that I was always comfortable throughout the operation. I returned home later that day. Bruising started appearing the next day, but by day 10 you could hardly see any bruising left.  The results have been amazing, friends and family can’t believe the difference. I now wish I had had this procedure years ago.