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Why choose us for Breast Asymmetry correction?

  • You will be seen and operated on by a fully qualified BAAPS/BAPRAS Consultant plastic surgeon.
  • Our breast implants come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • We use minimal scar techniques.
  • Our prices are competitive and represent outstanding results.
  • We provide a personal and holistic service to our patients
  • We pride ourselves in NEVER having used PIP implants
  • We put you safety first!

Breast asymmetry is a difference in breast size or shape or both. If you are one of those unfortunate ladies affected by breast asymmetry then Cosmetic Surgeons London can help you. Many ladies have a degree of breast asymmetry which goes largely unnoticed (i.e. does not need corrective specialist plastic surgery). Your breasts start to grow during the pubertal growth spurt under the influence of oestrogen. During this time it is normal that your breasts may differ from one another in size or shape. During the growth period your breasts often become of the same or very similar size or shape. If this does not happen, it is not likely that the size and shape of your breasts will change until pregnancy or the beginning of menopause.

You may have co-existent syndromes involving underdevelopment of the chest wall (Poland's Syndrome) or an abnormally shaped ribcage contributing to your breast asymmetry. Surgery is sometimes required to make your breasts more equal and ultimately to improve your quality of life and self-confidence.

At Cosmetic Surgeons London we offer an unhurried consultation discussing any procedures which may require being undertaken. Breast asymmetry correction can entail multiple procedures depending on the assessment made by your surgeon. It may involve a combination of Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction and Breast Uplift.

London Cosmetic Surgeons always puts your comfort and safety first!

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