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Inverted nipples are a common problem in ladies and may cause functional and emotional problems. An inverted nipple can look flat or a slit like hole at the normal nipple location. Cosmetically, the appearance of the nipple can influence the partner life of a lady. They can also cause frustration with breastfeeding, infections, or other discomfort.

Most ladies do not know that this is an easily correctable problem. Cosmetic Surgeons London can help ladies with this problem and reduce the emotional embarrassment that accompanies inverted nipples.

What causes inverted nipples?

The cause of nipple inversion is usually congenital. This means that you are born with the problem. In most ladies it is due to shortening of one or more of the milk ducts that run from the breast tissue to the nipple. In some ladies, it may be secondary to prior surgery, an infection in the ducts or due to breastfeeding. This short duct tethers the nipple and pulls it inward.

What does inverted nipple correction procedure involve?

Correction of inverted nipples is carried out under local anaesthetic. It involves a small incision at the junction of your nipple and areola. The milk ducts are commonly divided and your nipple is brought out to its "normal" position.

Are there any risks?

In general, the procedure is relatively risk free. The most common risk is that of a recurrence of the original problem. In which case, a repeat procedure would need to be carried out. Other risks are bleeding, infection, nipple necrosis and inability to breast feed.

Do I have to take time off work?

Recovery is quick with a return to work and most activities within hours. You will experience minimal pain or swelling. Sensation to your nipple is normal immediately or returns fully within several days.


Operation Time 30 mins
Anaesthetic Local Anaesthesia
Nights in hospital None
How much time off work? 1 day
When can I exercise? After 2 weeks

Cosmetic Surgeons London always puts your comfort and safety first!

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