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Why choose us for a Labial Reshaping ?

  • You will be seen and operated on by a fully qualified BAAPS/ BAPRAS Consultant plastic surgeon.
  • Our prices are competitive and represent outstanding results.
  • We provide a personal and holistic service to our patients
  • We put your safety first!

You may be one of many women who feels unhappy and conscious that your labia minora are asymmetrical long or slightly bulky. You may be experiencing pain during intercourse, feel discomfort during everyday activities or when wearing tight-fitting clothing. This can really get affect your self esteem. Cosmetic Surgeons London can help you by providing surgery (labiaplasty) which reduces the labia to a size that the patient finds cosmetically desirable. Cosmetic Surgeons London will aim to improve your self confidence and provide you with a comfortable surgical experience.

Is labial reshaping surgery for you?

  • My inner lips (labia minora) stick out further than my outer lips (labia majora)
  • The excess labial tissue causes irritation in tight fitting clothes
  • The excess labial tissue causes irritation when I ride bicyles
  • I suffer from sexual embarrassment as a result

If this is you then Cosmetic Surgeons London may be able to help give your labia a more aesthetic appearance.

What does labial reshaping involve?

Your surgeon will explain the procedure in detail at your consultation.

You (the Patient's) Journey

Before the operation

You will have seen Mr Sojitra on more than one occasion to fully answer all your questions. It is important to avoid medications, if possible, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) e.g Ibuprofen (Nurofen), Sodium Diclofenac (Voltarol) for 1 week before surgery. These tablets may increase bleeding during and after surgery. It is advisable to stop smoking 2 weeks before and after surgery from both a wound healing and an anaesthetic perspective.

The operation

You will be admitted to hospital on the morning of surgery and Mr Sojitra along with his consultant anaesthetist will come and discuss the surgical plan again with you. The operation will take approximately 1 hour and you will wake up with dressings in place before being taken to the ward. In general labial reshaping is carried out as a day case procedure. You will need to have a friend or family member to drive you to and from the hospital.


You will experience varying degrees of bruising, swelling, and some tenderness all of which improve by the day. Our consultant anaesthetist will prescribe you adequate medication to take home to alleviate any discomfort you may experience. You will be up and moving the day after surgery. It is important not to get the dressings wet after surgery and you will be advised on showering. Depending on your type of work, you may return to work between 7-14 days after your procedure. Your surgeon will see you 1 week after surgery at which point the dressings will be reduced and again at 2 weeks. All stitches used are dissolvable. Mild discomfort and swelling usually disappear by 1-2 weeks. Your surgeon will closely follow your recovery to ensure you are able to resume normal exercising and activities.

Safety and potential complications?


The scars are hardly visible and usually heal well.


This is an uncommon event and occurs in perhaps less than 1% cases. Antibiotics are given during induction of the general anaesthetic and general hygiene is encouraged.


You many experience some alteration in the sensation however in the majority of patients sensation becomes normal over time.

Useful sources of information


Operation Time 1 hour
Anaesthetic General Anaesthesia
Nights in hospital None
How much time off work? 1 week
When can I exercise? After 4 weeks

Cosmetic Surgeons London always puts your comfort and safety first!

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