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Long or oversized nipples can be a great source of embarrassment for both ladies and gentlemen. Many ladies request a nipple reduction because breast feeding has permanently altered the shape and size of their nipples, making them longer and somewhat droopy. They can be very obvious in tight fitting clothing and may be considered an embarrassment by some ladies. Many people confuse the areola (the darker pigmented area around the nipple) with the nipple (the central projecting part). Some ladies dislike the "puffy" appearance (protuberant areola) to their areola. Nipple reduction is a procedure offered by Cosmetic Surgeons London. The operation is used to reshape nipples that are overly projecting and may be combined with an areola reduction.

What does nipple reduction surgery involve?

The nipple reduction procedure can be performed under either a local or general anaesthetic. The incision is made on the nipple and the excess nipple is removed. Your nipple sensation and ability to breastfeed tends not to be affected following nipple reduction surgery.

How long does nipple reduction surgery take?

Nipple reduction is a surgical procedure that usually takes about 1 hour. It can be done either as a local or general anaesthetic day case procedure. Cosmetic Surgeons London recommends that the surgery be carried out under local anaesthetic.

What is the recovery like?

Your nipples will feel a little tender for a few days and this can be managed by paracetamol. There will be some swelling and bruising which will subside with time. You will have a small dressing over the nipple which will need to be kept dry for 1 week. After 1 week, your dressing will be removed and the wound cleaned.

What is the recovery time?

Most patients are able to go back to work after a few days. It is advisable you do not do anything strenuous for 14 days. The average recovery time is between 1-2 weeks.

Cosmetic Surgeons London find that the majority of patients are pleased with the outcome and find they gain a feeling of increased self-confidence.


Operation Time 45 mins
Anaesthetic Local or General Anaesthesia
Nights in hospital Day case
How much time off work? 1 - 2 days
When can I exercise? After 2 weeks

Cosmetic Surgeons London always puts your comfort and safety first!

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