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Fee Guide

Fee Guide

At Cosmetic Surgeons London our fees represent the high level of professionalism with which all our patients are treated.

Why Choose Us?
  1. We put your SAFETY first!
  2. We give an HONEST opinion as to whether cosmetic surgery will benefit you.
  3. We use high quality products for our patients.
  4. We provide FREE postoperative care and advice.
  5. Mr Sojitra is BAAPS / BAPRAS registered and UK and internationally trained.

Here at Cosmetic Surgeons London we are committed to a transparent fee structure that will lay out clearly the surgical, anaesthetic and hospital fees for the planned procedures.

You will either be:
  • Covered by Private Medical Insurance
  • Self-Pay  (e.g. cosmetic procedures)

Private Medical Insurance patients
Mr Sojitra is registered as a provider with all the major medical insurance companies.  The fees charged are in keeping with the remuneration offered by the insurance companies and no additional fees will be charged to the patient unless their policy has exclusions such e.g. outpatient consultations, suture removal, medication.

You will need to obtain an authorisation code from your insurance company before any consultation or procedure in order to confirm that your provider is covering you.  If you do not have an authorisation code we will expect payment for services rendered and for you to recoup from your insurer at a later date. Cosmetic Surgeons London will provide you with procedure codes which you give to your insurer.

Please note that you are expected to know which parts of your treatment are and are not covered by your insurer.  You will be responsible for any bills not covered by your insurer.  If in any doubt consult your insurer beforehand to clarify matters.

An estimate of costs can be given prior to consultation however this is very approximate and will depend on the treatment plan agreed by Mr Sojitra at your consultation and will vary according to which hospital you are treated at.

  • Consultation Fee

This is paid to Mr Sojitra at the end of the consultation and is accepted as either cash or cheque. It includes any further consultations you may have before or after surgery.

The Surgeon's Fee is paid separately (cash or cheque) at either one of your consultations or via post 14 days before surgery and the hospital will invoice you separately for the rest of the costs (anaesthetic and hospital fees).  Certain hospitals will collect all the fees below in one invoice.

  • Surgeons Fee (include operation, inpatient care and follow-up consultations)
  • Anaesthetic Fee (if you require the services of a Consultant Anaesthetist)
  • Hospital Fee (includes room costs, nursing care)

If you are unsure of anything then please contact Cosmetic Surgeons London and we will do our best to help you.

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