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Breast Augmentation, Female, Norfolk

I had my first Breast Augmentation done by Dr Nilesh Sojitra.  After all the research made by my husband because i was so scared to made a wrong decision  so we decided to meet him in person.  I was very impressed at the consultation ait was so professional and informative.  I decided to have my operation last May 2011 at the  Highgate Hospital. I must admit the hospital is VERY CLEAN, the staff are very friendly and helpful.  The food is great as well, not  cheap as expected but its not like the hospital food, more like a hotel food in terms of taste! i really would recommend this hospital and to go with Dr Nilesh Sojitra.
To be honest we went to Dr Nilesh because he is famous for being really good in terms of scarring and ITS TRUE!! It has now been 3 months and you can’t hardly feel the lump.  Even my husband said its fading well.  I went on holiday and wore a bikini and i never felt soooo confident with my body. Thank you Dr Nilesh, my boobs are so natural but better than even i requested. Im an asian and about 110lbs and he went over the muscle.  The lifetime guarantee implants he used were the perfect choice made by both him and me at the consultation.  i would highly recommend Dr Nilesh Sojitra for breast cosmetic surgery.
by Snowangel, Norfolk

Breast Enlargement for Asymmetry, Female, Surrey

When I finally gained the courage to speak to somebody about having Breast Enlargement Surgery I made sure I chose carefully.

Nilesh Sojitra made me feel at ease from the first consultation I had with him at the Highgate hospital.  I couldn’t have hoped for a more down to earth and understanding plastic surgeon.
He answered every question I had and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.  He advised what would be best for me in terms of size to make me as equal and symmetrical as possible.
I recovered really quickly and am so happy with the results.  It’s been just 7 months since my surgery and my scars are barely visible, all due to the fact of having an amazing surgeon.
I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Mr Sojitra to anyone who is thinking about having breast enlargement surgery.
I can’t thank him enough for his skills and genuine personality.  I have gained the confidence that I always longed for.  He has changed my life forever.

Hayley (Surrey)