Breast Augmentation

Breast Asymmetry, Female, Northwood

I found Dr Sojitra at Spire Hospital through recommendation. After losing over 3 stone I had gone from a 38C to a 32A/B and wasn’t happy with my body despite the weight loss. I looked into breast augmentation and decided it was the right choice for me. Surgery won’t fix self esteem issues but it helped me feel comfortable in my own skin again.

I told Dr Sojitra my dream breast size is a 32DD and he recommended me a certain sized implant for each breast to even out the size of my breasts as naturally one was smaller than the other. He also recommended that I go over the muscle as I had excess skin to help the implants look natural.

He was completely right, because my new natural looking breasts have been measured at a 32DD, my scar isn’t noticeable unless under close inspection & it doesn’t even feel like I’ve had surgery!

The staff at Spire made me feel at home throughout my consultations, surgery and also with the aftercare. The team helped me feel positive despite the nerves of an operation. I will recommend Spire & Dr Sojitra to anyone I know interested in breast surgery.

You have changed my life – Thank you!


Breast Enlargement, Female, Hertfordshire

I had been considering a BA for years and finally after having my two children I decided to go for a consultation to see if I could finally make my mind up. I went locally to the Spires, Harpenden and chose Nilesh Sojitra because he had good reviews online and his own website which was really informative.  His calm relaxed manner and obvious experience instantly put me at ease and not embarrassed. I tried on several different size prosthetics which he recommended for me and I had lots of opportunities to ask questions. Everything was explained.

The Crisalix software is brilliant. The next day I had simulated images of what I would look like with three different sizes.  I decided to go ahead.

Carolyn his PA is really friendly and helpful and an appointment with the wonderful Teresa, his clinical nurse the week beforehand made sure I was completely prepared and all my questions were answered.  She knows everything there is to know about what to expect before, during and after the op.

I was really scared on the day but the professionalism of everyone at the Spires, put me at ease again, Mr Sojitra came to see me beforehand which also helped.

For the two weeks after the procedure Teresa kept in touch regularly to check I was recovering and answer my questions. She really was invaluable.

I’m really thrilled with the results. They look really natural and symmetrical.  I had no problems post op.   The Crisalix images were bang on and Nilesh definitely recommended the right size implants for the results I wanted.

A big thank you to Nilesh and his brilliant team!


Breast Augmentation, Female, Harpenden

I had wanted a BA for many years, following weight loss and a pregnancy and breast feeding, I decided whilst on a family holiday to go ahead and finally make an appointment.

When we returned from holiday in October and I very quickly went online and began to do my research. I knew I wanted to have my procedure carried out at Spire Harpenden as I live locally and didn’t want to travel into London. Two friends and work colleagues had their BAs performed at Spire and they were very happy with the care and outcome. I had the name of the surgeon who performed their BA, after doing a lot of research I decided not to opt for him. I came across the details for Nilesh Sojitra. I was very impressed that he was the only surgeon at Spire Harpenden to use the imaging software crisalix, where he could email you photos of how you could look post op, in a range of sizes. In my opinion he also was the only surgeon listed who had an up to date, informative website.

That evening I decided to email his PA Carolyn, she got back to me very quickly and gave me a call. I had very specific dates in mind for the procedure. I needed it carried out right before Christmas as I’d booked just over two weeks of annual leave off. Nothing was too much for Carolyn. She even provisionally booked my op in at the time of booking my consultation. She was very helpful.

I attended my consultation with Nilesh. I knew straight away I’d chosen the right surgeon. He was very friendly, put me at ease and explained everything to me. I’ve heard from friends that a few surgeons don’t do much talking during their consultations and get you to watch a video for all the info!
I was relieved to be informed by Nilesh that the surgery would be carried out as a day case, I didn’t want to stay in hospital over night. I didn’t even have to go back for pre op checks, which for me was very convenient as I work full time and have a two year old daughter. His nurse Teresa went through everything pre operatively on the phone. I can honestly say she was super throughout. She really knows her stuff.

I was feeling very nervous on the day of the procedure. Once again, Nilesh put me at ease with his calm professional bedside manner. The surgery itself went well and I was home by 2.30pm. All the hospital staff were great. Especially the Anaesthetist Alan, his assistant Dean, the lovely recovery room nurses and Sam who cared for me post op.

Teresa contacted me numerous times to make sure I was doing ok until she seen me between Christmas and new year for suture trimming.

If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to go for the larger size, as I’ve very quickly got used to the size once the swelling went down. I chose 350cc high profiles and I’m very happy.

I’d recommend Nilesh to anyone without hesitation. In fact my sister in law is considering booking in with him for a consultation for a BA in the near future.

Fab surgeon!


Breast Augmentation, Female, Harpenden

I had been thinking about a “boob job” since the birth of my first child in 2006. I was always a D cup, put on 4 stone during each pregnancy, then breast fed, and lost weight – leaving me with B cup breasts, but with the skin of a D cup. They felt empty and looked very sad. Finally, in 2015, I had the money to pay for the surgery…I didn’t hesitate. Two separate friends recommended Mr Sojitra.  He was professional and friendly (as were the whole team) and made me feel relaxed to trust his judgement in choosing the right size of implant needed (which was placed over the muscle.)
The surgery itself went smoothly, in and out in one day. Recovery was as expected; uncomfortable, sore and swollen. I followed all the advice given, and went back to teaching 16 hours of Dance Exercise per week, after the recommended six weeks rest.
My scars are under the boob, and becoming less noticeable daily.
No-one noticed my new bigger lovely boobs….which I was DELIGHTED about. This surgery was for me alone and I am SO pleased, as I’ve fallen back in-love with my whole body.
I would recommend Mr Sojitra to anyone considering this surgery.

D x

Breast Enlargement, Female, Hertfordshire

Firstly I’d like to rate my experience 5/5 and below is a little feedback.

‘My whole experience with Mr. Sojitra from start to finish has been fantastic, I would, and already have recommended him to anyone I know who may be considering undergoing breast augmentation. Coming from someone who had deliberated over this procedure for quite some time and spent countless hours researching online I’m so pleased I finally decided to go with Mr. Sojitra. I was very concerned about achieving a natural look and ensuring to the outsider it wasn’t noticeable I’d undergone surgery.

Nilesh put my mind at ease right away during my initial consultation. He was in no hurry to get through the appointment and listened carefully to my concerns and demands about what I definitely didn’t want! He was very informative without being too abrupt, he also gave an honest opinion regarding how they would look and advised which size I should go for to achieve my desired result. The amazing technology that created a 3D image of what they would look like afterwards was incredible and definitely helped in the decision making process.

I left my initial consultation and booked the procedure immediately as I was instantly 100% sure this was something I wanted to go through with. My next issue was which size to go for?! I was torn between a 200cc and 225cc, I expressed my uncertainties to Nilesh and he kindly took time to talk through the differences over the phone during his own time which I was incredibly grateful for. As I still felt unable to decide he suggested I went back to see him and I tried the sizers again but this time underneath some of my own clothes to give a better idea of how they’d look. This was so helpful and definitely something I would suggest to anyone torn between two sizes. I decided there and then to go for the 225cc and I’m really happy with my results.

The whole procedure went very smoothly, I went into hospital around 7am and I was on my way home by 2.30pm. The Spire took great care of me, I had a private room with plenty of space and it felt reassuring to know I was having the procedure done in hospital. I was really worried about the amount of pain I was going to be in afterwards but it really wasn’t so bad at all especially as it was under the muscle. I only took painkillers for the first 3days and then it was just achy and a little sore but nothing unbearable. The aftercare offered by Teresa (Mr. Sojitra’s nurse) was brilliant, she was so attentive and kept checking in to reassure any concerns of mine and ensure I was recovering well. Almost three months down the line now they are starting to soften up and have definitely dropped significantly. I’ve been neurotic with massaging the scars but I can’t believe how neat they are, you can barely see them!

I’ve just had my follow up appointment and all seems to have gone well from his point of view too! Thank you Nilesh, I’m very happy with my results.’

I hope I haven’t written too much of an essay here, please pass my thanks onto Nilesh.

Kind Regards,


Breast Augmentation, Female, Saint Albans

Alexis, a busy mum of three young children, speaks to us about her decision to have a breast augmentation at Spire Harpenden Hospital with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nilesh Sojitra.


Before kids I was very happy with my breasts, but my kids just sucked the life out of them.  I am a vain person and couldn’t go through the rest of my life not happy with how they looked and not wanting to walk around my house in a nightie.  I wanted to do something about it, and discussed it with my husband.  Within two months I had had the operation.  I’m impulsive and once I’ve made a decision I like to get it done.

Why did you choose Spire Harpenden?

I live locally, in St Albans, and had previously had a procedure at Spire Harpenden, so was comfortable with the hospital and care.  When I said I was considering getting a breast augmentation my friends asked whether I would be going to a Harley Street Clinic, but I know that a lot of the surgeons who work in Harley Street also work in other hospitals. In my case, my surgeon who works in Harley Street also has a base in Harpenden.

What was your first consultation with Mr Sojitra like?

Mr Sojitra was very confident and he clearly knows what he’s doing.  He didn’t try to give me a sales pitch, and just answered my questions.

I met him at a consultation at Spire Harpenden in January.  I had met one other cosmetic consultant, but made my mind up then.  The service was great, and I particularly liked being able to see the 3D before and after images which he created for me, so I could see how the results would look.

I chose to go for a larger size – everyone who I spoke to said that you very quickly get used to the size and I didn’t want to regret going to small.  I asked Nilesh’s opinion and he was very supportive.

How was the care you received while you were at Spire?

The staff at Spire were perfect and very kind.  I was only in for a few hours; I wanted an in and out procedure so I could get back to normal and didn’t want to worry about childcare if I was in overnight.

How do you feel about the results?

I absolutely love it.  It’s the third best decision I’ve ever made, after having kids and getting married.  I’m 36 and don’t get my cleavage out, but it has made me so much more confident.

Would you recommend Mr Sojitra?

Yes – My best friend is choosing whether to have another child, if she decides against it she will be coming in straight away to get it done with him.  I have recommended Nilesh to many of my friends.

Breast Reconstruction/Asymmetry, Female, South London

I was delighted to have Nilesh as a consultant, first and foremost he did a fantastic job in correcting my asymmetrical issues which has lead to a dramatic improvement in my self confidence and satisfaction.  I had no breast development on one side and a DD on the other. Alongside this he maintained a constant professional yet obviously caring air, which is something very important in a doctor to whom you are entrusting to care about your individual needs and desires. I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone considering to use his services to go ahead as the whole experience was very pleasant, and I cannot thank him enough!

Please pass my thanks on to Nilesh, I really can’t explain how much my life has changed and how happy I am as a result.