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Female, Breast Enlargement, North London

Deciding whether to have plastic surgery is a huge decision. Not only is your body changing long term, but you also have the worry of the procedure and not liking the final result. This is why I am extremely glad I got recommend to Dr. Nilesh Sojitra. He helped to guide me during the        consultation as to what size of implant would suit my body for a natural appearance without leaving stretch marks with the use of 3D scanning so I could visualise the result. The consultation left me feeling confident that I made the right choice for my body in terms of the implant size and the surgeon. The procedure went incredibly well and I was given all the aftercare information I needed and felt ready to go home the same day. I suffered no complications from the surgery and was very comfortable within the next few days. Now fully healed, Dr. Sojitra has kept up with my recovery and I am extremely happy with the end result of my surgery and the quality of care I recived from Dr. Sojitra with regards to his professional opinion and surgical skills. I would recommend Dr. Sojitra to anyone considering surgery, his level of experience and ability to build up an outstanding patient-doctor repore leaves you feeling secure and confident.