Labial Reshaping/Reduction, Female, London

Hi Carolyn,

I’m hoping you could please pass on a huge thank you to Nilesh for me.

I can’t believe how different things look and I am absolutely delighted with it!

There is hardly any swelling and I would say the pain is 2/10 at worst. (although I have been taking the paracetamol/codeine which must be helping).

I imagine it won’t be long before I can stop taking the painkillers.

I really can’t believe how well the whole procedure has gone and won’t hesitate to recommend Nilesh to my friends!!

Look forward to seeing him in February for the follow up and I will write a testimonial for his website.

Thanks so much to you as well. The whole experience has been really positive.

Kind regards

Labiaplasty, Female, London

We recently undertook a necessary Labiaplasty as a private patient for our daughter in connection with Spires hospital Harpenden and the Cobham Clinic at Luton and Dunstable Hospital and we were absolutely delighted by the caring and professional attitude  shown towards us by Mr Nilesh Sojitra and his secretary, Carolyn.  Before the procedure everything was explained by Nilesh and the anesthetist who put everyone at ease and made our daughter feel valued, she just toddled off  to theatre and came back to us a much happier young person.  The physical and functional deformation that had blighted her life for 3 and half years had gone.  This was only possible because of this team of people, they made it happen and lifted a big burden off our shoulders.  Nilesh clearly understood that our daughter was experiencing various functional problems and that this was not purely cosmetic as some other doctors kept saying.  He didnt fob us off and we are eternally grateful.  He actually listened to us and made it happen and here we are – a much happier daughter and parents.  Our daughter was out socializing the next day and returned to college after 3 days!  First class skills and aftercare and we can fully recommend him and his team.


Labiaplasty, Female, London

I am writing to express my immense gratitude at the care I received prior to, during, and folloWing my surgery as named above. I felt the whole process was extremely well organised and conducted in a timely and professional yet friendly manner, making the whole experience much easier to manage.

My appreciation extends to all members of staff encountered along the way, including all reception staff, my consultants secretary, my porter, nurses, even the staff who organised lunch for myself and my visitors. We were all made to feel very

welcome and comfortable, and everyone seemed to go out of their way for us when required.

I would particularly like to express my thanks to Mr Sojitra (Consultant) who was very accommodating and calming. Also, the anaesthetists (whose names I unfortunately did not obtain), who were very kind and considerate as I was rather nervous! And finally, Teresa Jellis (Clinical Nurse Specialist) who was so approachable and kind in preparing me for my surgery, as well as my follow up appointment post surgery.

I am very pleased to say that the surgery was a huge success and something I am very glad I had done! The work was completed with such precision and obvious care that I haven’t even experienced bruising!