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Rhinoplasty, Female, North London

“I’d always hated the bump on the bridge of my nose and had wanted Rhinoplasty for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t want to look drastically different, just wanted to soften my profile so I looked more feminine.  After lots of research on different surgeons, I had a consultation with Nilesh Sojitra at Spire Hospital Harpenden.  He was very positive about what could be achieved and advised the best way to go.  He even put me in touch with one of this former patients who I spoke to on the phone.  It was very re-assuring to hear that she had been completely happy with the whole experience.  She even shared her before and after photos with me which looked great.  I had my operation just before Christmas 2015 and am I very pleased with the results.  His team Carolyn and Teresa are wonderful.  I would recommend Nilesh Sojitra to anyone considering cosmetic surgery”

Breast Augmentation, Female, Bedfordshire

The whole process was made very simple and easy , from the first initial consultation , to further sizing appts , pre op assessments , the day of the procedure itself and all the subsequent follow up appts .

I felt completely reassured at all stages of the process and any concerns or questions I had were no problem for Nilesh and Teresa to answer or explain.

No query was too small and I always felt that I could ask any questions at any stage , Teresa was fantastic at reassuring me throughout the process , which made the whole experience easy and stress free .

Nilesh was also very professional and I knew I was in very capable hands . As someone who is generally quite nervous about hospitals and procedures I had no concerns after my meetings with Nilesh that he understood the look I wanted to achieve , he also took time to explain everything so that I knew I was in safe hands and that the result would look great .

Teresa was exceptionally helpful and professional , and took time to explain the procedure and the after care to me and answer all my questions . I felt extremely comfortable and happy at all stages of the process because of the high level of professionalism from Teresa , Nilesh and all the other staff I encountered at the spire including Carolyn his PA.

I would , and have , highly recommended nilesh to other friends ,

I love the results and feel far more confident as a result of the operation , nilesh achieved the natural look that I was after and I couldn’t be happier with the results



EarFold, Male, Midlands

i have to say this new Earfold procedure is amazing and i would never have had any surgery done had it not been available. i have been bothered with my ears sticking out for about 20 years and came to see Nilesh Sojitra as one of the experts in this new ear clip system.  he showed me in clinic what results could be achieved and that was again something i didn’t expect.

i had the procedure done under local anaesthetic and it took less than 5 mins and was back at work the next day. my ear had a few paper stitches on it. his PA Carolyn is amazing and very efficient. i have never looked back and would recommend anyone who is concerned about their ears to go and see this master who is very professional and honest.

i have recommended by niece to go and see him as she is 10 and if she can have this instead of the bigger procedure then that would be great.


Breast Augmentation, Female, Harpenden

I had been thinking about a “boob job” since the birth of my first child in 2006. I was always a D cup, put on 4 stone during each pregnancy, then breast fed, and lost weight – leaving me with B cup breasts, but with the skin of a D cup. They felt empty and looked very sad. Finally, in 2015, I had the money to pay for the surgery…I didn’t hesitate. Two separate friends recommended Mr Sojitra.  He was professional and friendly (as were the whole team) and made me feel relaxed to trust his judgement in choosing the right size of implant needed (which was placed over the muscle.)
The surgery itself went smoothly, in and out in one day. Recovery was as expected; uncomfortable, sore and swollen. I followed all the advice given, and went back to teaching 16 hours of Dance Exercise per week, after the recommended six weeks rest.
My scars are under the boob, and becoming less noticeable daily.
No-one noticed my new bigger lovely boobs….which I was DELIGHTED about. This surgery was for me alone and I am SO pleased, as I’ve fallen back in-love with my whole body.
I would recommend Mr Sojitra to anyone considering this surgery.

D x

Cosmetic Surgeons London Harpenden introduces 3D Imaging

Crisalix 3D imaging is a tool proving popular amongst patients allowing visualisation of results.  What if you could see yourself with any changes before they actually happen? What if you could see yourself before and after plastic surgery? Crisalix allows you to visualize your dream by offering online 3D simulations for any aesthetic and plastic procedure based on standard 2D photos.

Nilesh Sojitra introduces 3D Breast Enlargement imaging here at Cosmetic Surgeons London

Breast Implant exchange, Female, Hertfordshire

i saw Mr Sojitra after a recommendation by a friend who had her implants done with him. the problem i had was that i had a breast augmentation done abroad 6 years ago through the areolar incision and i had problems with capsule hardening and the implants were too high. i saw many consultants in harley street and all refused to go through the same scar. i mean why would i want another scar. when i saw Nilesh he said going through the same insicion wasnt a major issue for him and he actually suggested to change the implant from overs to unders. i didnt even know that this was possible.  he was so relaxed and friendly.

on the say i saw his anesthetist and nurse and then he came and drew on me. before i could remember i woke up and the operation was finished.  6 months on i am delighted with the outcome and the scarring is minimal which he is renowned for.

i wouldnt hesitate anyone to go and see Nilesh as he is professional and very competent.


Male, gynaecomastia, North London

I had gynaecomastia since teens and one side was quite a lot larger than the other and finally i got the courage to come and see a surgeon.  I saw 4 surgeons and my fifth one was Nilesh Sojitra.  I saw so many as i just didnt feel safe and confident in the hands of the others.  Finally when i saw Mr Sojitra i felt reassured and confident as he was very honest in what could be achieved and almost downplayed the operation – im sure he didnt need another patient as his waiting room was full so he didnt feel the need to sell like the previous companies i went to.  The operation went well and i went home the same day with a garment that the hospital provided. At all times i felt i was well looked after and there  was always someone at the end of the fone. His nurse Teresa was caring and professional. i was back at work in 1 week after feeling a little battered and bruised.  i am now 4 months on and am delighted with the results. this has given me a new lease of life and i am eternally grateful to Mr Sojitra and his team. i would recommend anyone considering surgery to come and see him.

best wishes