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Breast Enlargement, Female, St Albans

For years I wanted to have a boob job but there is always a doubt in your mind, will it go wrong, what will it look like, is the surgeon any good.

I chose Nilesh as my surgeon through a recommendation from a friend. As soon as I walked into his consultation room i felt at ease. A warm welcome and a smile. The first consultation and i was sat with the surgeon, other consultations that i have had have been with the nurse then you go back to see the surgeon… which i feel is a long winded process.

Nilesh was very professional in his approach and didnt give me a sales pitch, he simply asked what i wanted to achieve, measured my chest, gave me a bra with the size i said i would like to go to and a white vest top, so i could try on implants to get an idea about the size, what would suit me best, what they would look like in a top and what would suit my frame. It is a very hard decision because of the amount of money you are about to invest but not once did i feel rushed or pressured to hurry along with my decision, he let me take as long as i wanted, showing my mum, constantly going back to the mirror and answering any simple, silly, complicated question i had. I said maybe i should go bigger and Nilesh advised me wisely that i asked for a natural look and if i went any bigger they would end up looking fake…. his honesty won me over.. i wanted to book then and there but Nilesh and his medical secretary Carolyn advised me to go home and think about it, there was no rush to make a quick decision. I left feeling very happy and confident that he was the surgeon for me….

The next day i booked my surgery date!!


i started to doubt the size i chose when speaking to friends and acquaintances, Nilesh said you need to be happy with what you choose, if you are having doubts then come back to see me and we can try different sizes for you again… i knew from this Nilesh wanted a happy customer, not just a healthy bank balance!! I had every confidence in him and his team and could not wait for May 2nd 2012!!


The day arrived and i was so excited!! I was taken to my room to relax and settle in, Nilesh came round to check on me, to take photos of the ‘before’ and to reassure me, explaining what was going to happen.


A couple of hours later i woke up with my new boobs! I couldnt be happier! Nilesh came to check on me after surgery to ask if all was ok, and of course it was!!


A couple of weeks later i went back for a check up and to have my stitches out.. this was the bit i was dreading as i am very squeamish, but Teresa, the nurse put me at ease, she is so friendly she soon takes your mind off what she is doing… but it didnt even hurt, she cleaned the area and asked me how it was all going, Nilesh then came in to have a look and was really please with the recovery…


I had the nurse, Teresa and secretary Carolyns numbers for any questions or concerns i had, day or night i could phone which was so comforting to know when you have just had surgery. I was given so much information on the procedure, pre and post op that i felt like i was really being taken care of.


A month into having surgery i experienced a pain in one of my boobs, i called Carolyn to ask, who informed me Nilesh was on holiday but would contact him to find out, within an hour i had a call back to say the pain i had explained was completely natural and can occur for up to a year after surgery. I knew i would be recommending a surgeon who could take time out of his holiday for the care of a patient.


10th August arrived… 3 month check up!! Nilesh and the nurse Teresa were very happy with the results and took pictures for the ‘after’ surgery. He was pleased with how the scarring was healing and most importantly asked what i thought….


I could not be happier, you can barely see the scarring, the healing process was so easy, only soreness and slight discomfort but not painful, the reaasurance and the support that Nilesh and his team provided me with was amazing. I had big confidence issues before stepping into Nilesh’s consultation room, but when i walked in 3 months later, i was a different person. They are so natural looking, sit nicely and scarring is so minimal, but best of all as my family and friends say, its the smile on my face that they notice.


Thank you so much for all your care and professionalism. A great and honest surgeon.

Chantelle 🙂