Breast Reduction

Gynaecomastia, Male, North London

Im 28 years old and i have been treated for gynecomastia its been 12 weeks since i made that brave decision.
How it started i believe many many years ago i had noticed this problem but i never paid much attention to it, it could be due to many reason even at one stage i did visit the doctor but xplained it different so was not given the right attention aswell as being young, soon after i fell into some difficult times and moved away i started seeing this was not nice but was in a position in my life where i did not care and carried on for many years.
I was confused about what was going on i was shy of asking any one because i felt embarrassed and also hid it by wearing layers of clothes and when i took my top of i would pinch my nipples to make them tighter and show so no1 could see my puffy nipples, I been working out in and out of gyms from the age of 17, but in the last 2 years i decided to get into the fitness industry and trained hard but noticed my gyno was at its worst my fear was reality this problem is not just going to just go one day, i hid this from my gf of 8years i would restrict myself from doing stuff with her, swimming, holidays even having my top of when we was together i always laid onmy back so it could not be noticed by her, in honestly it affected our relationship.
This year 2016 i started searching up about this and realised what this problem was so i contacted my GP who did test on me and recommended me to go and see mr. Sojitra who was my surgeon. His secretary Carolyn and nurse Teresa, all made me very welcomed and treated me professionally and respectfully.
I always wondered the day this will go and then as i was getting ready to go in for my operation a sense of relief and finally im here.
Since my operation my team
Mr Nilesh Sojitra
have stayed in contact any doubts problems it was just a txt away which made it so helpful, i never had any problems thank God but i did keep in contact and visited them several times after for piece of mind and not once did they make me feel like i was wasting time which was the best bit, my nurse recommended me creams and tips also, I feel very posertive now and actually said to myself finally i can wear a white t shirt with out feeling like crap, i workout hard so should be proud of myself but was not until now, also you buy nice stuff to look nice, feel nice and i feel like i have come a long way very confident. Since surgery i have started to think of my health now which is a bonus to take care of 1 self and take care of the heart. This is just the beginning theres so much yet to come I never used to do running now im on cardio everyday and hopefully get abs lol..
I would like to thank everyone involved in the hospital team and a big thankyou to you 3, Mr sojitra  Carolyn Teresa

Breast Reconstruction, Female, West London

Dear Mr. Sojitra

I cannot put into words nor express my profound  gratitude and thankfulness for what you have done for me.  What you have given me is priceless.  When I was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago and my right breast removed I had no hope at all of ever getting my breast back.  It left me scarred and there was a deep void in my life.  Even though I had the option of having breast reconstruction surgery—I did not have the courage to go through surgery again–I felt at my age 60+
I was being vain and wanting something which was unnecessary.
All that changed when my GP sent me to you for a consultation at the hospital.  Right from the start you instilled confidence in me.   When I hesitatingly asked you whether it was okay for me to go through this surgery at my age– your response still rings in my years  “Even 80 year olds go through surgery and sail through with no problems.”  That changed everything for me and I decided to go ahead with the surgery.  It took another eight months before I could finalize the dates for the surgery due to heavy work commitments.  Now looking back I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made.  There is a dignified and quiet confidence about you.  I sensed goodness and integrity in you.  You do not smile often–I wish you did!!–but I was convinced your seriousness was due to the fact that you were so very committed and dedicated to what you do.  I was right.  You are the best– an amazing and brilliant surgeon.  I am so fortunate to have had you as my surgeon.  What you have given me is perfect breasts.  I cannot even differentiate between my real breast and the one created by you.  They are identical..I have absolutely the best and most beautiful breasts now–thanks to you..  I cannot stop admiring them..It is awesome and life changing.  This is the happiest I have been in a long long time.
You have given me back my confidence, self esteem, self assurance and above all my femininity.  I admire and marvel at what you do.
May the Divine always guide you in your ongoing work in giving countless women hope, joy self confidence, self worth and most precious of all their femininity.  Through out the entire procedure you and your team have taken care of me exceptionally well and with utter dedication.  Please say a big “thank you” to one and all.  I am forever grateful and thankful.
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Yours sincerely

Breast Uplift and Reduction, Female, South London

I had a breast reduction and uplift with Mr Sojitra and I was thrilled with the results.  I had never had cosmetic surgery before and I didn’t feel confident about the whole process, especially the result which Is something I guess we all care most about.  Mr Sojitra is very calm and confident and has a reassuring and modest manner.  He does not build up your hopes and that gave me a more realistic expectation and also made me feel my decision was mine and that it was made after weighing up all the pros and cons.  Immediately after the surgery I was very happy and physically comfortable and my recovery has been amazingly quick.  I sensed I had been in excellent hands and the result was clearly the best it could be.   The size, the symmetry, the bruising, the incisions, all looked close on perfection, and I had done my visual research beforehand!  My physical comfort has improved overnight, they are just the right size for my body.  Mr Sojitra’s judgement in the right size and shape for me was perfect.   Therefore my expectations were exceeded.  Do not take modesty always to mean a modest result.  I am very happy and I would highly recommend Mr Sojitra to everyone considering this more complicated procedure.

H (Wimbledon)

Breast Uplift, Female, London

Dear Mr Sojitra

I saw you this morning for my 2 week consultation after breast reduction/uplift surgery and I did not express properly how I feel now.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my initial happiness and satisfaction with the result of the procedure. Although it was never something that bothered me endlessly but rather something that every now and then irritated me I am extremely pleased that I have had it done now.
In particular I was pleased with your realistic approach to the initial consultations which then gave me the confidence to go though with such an invasive surgery. I can see today that scarring is minimal and I did not have much discomfort or pain afterwards which was a pleasant surprise.  The size is well judged and fits me well now, I feel much healthier and more attractive as a result. I am sure that in time all will settle and become just fine, as mentioned the scars are already looking great, even after such a short time.  Again thank you for your attention to detail and I would happily recommend you to anyone who would consider this operation themselves.
With kind regards