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Breast Augmentation, Female, St Albans

I’ve been aware of not feeling ‘womanly’ since I was about 16, and didn’t feel complete, or like I had ‘my fair share’ – I desperately wanted bigger boobs!  I had never had any negative comments from people as I was growing up, but I had always struggled with my confidence.  I would wear chicken fillets and padded bras, but underneath I knew that I was flat chested and it was all an act.  All I wanted was bigger boobs.

I’ve never been one of these people who wanted to look like a glamour model.  I just wanted to fill out my bra.  I went to my GP and he applied to the NHS for me, but I was turned down.  It was then that my GP said about going private and mentioned Mr Sojitra, and she told me the website which I looked up straight away.

I thought I would just go for the consultation to find out a bit more.  I wasn’t even going to get my boobs out!  But when I met Nilesh sojitra, my surgeon, he was absolutely great, and I felt really comfortable with him and the service that he and his team provided.  I had planned to go and check out other places but in the end I didn’t bother.

It’s not just about having bigger boobs – I now feel that all of my curves are in the right place. For the first time I have mounds of breast! Before the operation I wouldn’t even wear low cut or halter neck tops because I would have to go without a bra and I hated my shape but it will be wonderful to have so many options to wear now.

I am so pleased I went ahead with the boob enlargement with Nilesh Sojitra.  My new figure has already given me new confidence.  I have wanted it for six years, but never in a million years thought it would happen to me.

I have gone from being ashamed, to being confident; to being confident but knowing I could be more confident.  I now feel a whole lot better getting dressed and getting naked when I’m a bit more in proportion.

I had 375cc under’s which made me a 34DD/E because DD’s a bit tight, and E fit’s nicely.  My experience with Mr Sojitra was fab!  He was so friendly, I’m the most worried person in the world so I had 101 questions to ask and he happily answered all of them.  Any time I thought of a new question I just called up and they were there to answer.  I also was worried about my size I had chosen and he said come up for a chat a week before surgery I changed my size. He was very flexible – it was all about me.  I would recommend him any day!!  I’m very happy with my boobs.   They look so natural you would never know I have had an operation.  My whole experience with Mr Sojitra was amazing and I was well looked after from day one.

F (Herts)

Female, Blepharoplasty, London

I had always been very unhappy with the excessive skin over my upper & lower eyelid and although always wanted to do something about it but never found a surgeon who I had felt comfortable with.

From the initial consultation with Mr Sojitra to the final results I was extremely pleased with the care and consideration and explanation I received.  Mr Sojitra performed blepharoplasty surgery in February 2011 on both my eyelids. It was the best thing I have ever done, and has completely changed the way I feel about my eyes now.  I cannot thank Mr Sojitra & his team enough for service and excellent procedure.  I would recommend him highly.

Ms P (London)