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Breast Uplift and Implants, Female, Hertfordshire

Dear Nilesh,

I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude to you, I had been thinking of getting my boobs done over the past 3 years, after losing 2 stone and having 3 children my boobs were like spaniels ears, they were literally like socks with golf balls in!! i was very insecure and was so uncomfortable with the way they were. I went to a few places and went with people’s recommendations.. I just did not feel as though they were for me… I then visited spire and had a choice of consultants, I read your profile blog on the spire website and chose to go with you.. (Even though there was other consultants I could of got to see sooner) I chose to wait the extra week and see you! I’m so glad I did. I felt a connection straight away.. You were professional, understanding, caring, very thorough and down to earth. You performed a bilateral maxtopexy and augmentation (uplift and implants) and I can’t tell you how you have changed my life. My breasts are now where they should be they are nice and full and I’m so happy, I literally feel a new woman and the words ‘thank you’ seem so small for what you have done. My scars are amazing too. I am definitely coming back to see you in the near future to Do my belly and tidy it up. I have quiet a few yummy mummy’s that go on about how they would like it done and I’ve recommended you and ill continue to recommend you always. I literally can not tell you how amazing you are!.. Your work is incredible and so are you!

Jenny  xx