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Female, Breast Enlargement, London

I have been thinking about having breast implants for a number of years now
as my breasts went down to a AA cup after having my son. I could never fill
a bra and always had to wear padded ones and longed to be able to fill a
lacy bra!

I finally decided to go for it this year. A colleague of mine had
breast surgery and she recommended Mr Sojitra as she was very happy with her

I was very concerned about being too big as I have quite a small frame and I
didn’t want it to look obvious that I had ‘fake’ breasts. I had a
consultation with Mr Sojitra where I tried a few implants and decided on the
ones that I thought looked the best for my frame.

I went into the hospital early in the morning and was out by the evening
which was great, no over night stay! When I woke up from the anaesthetic I
was very pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t in very much pain. Obviously a
bit tender but I really thought it would be much more painful! They were
quite swollen at first and I had to wear a sports bra which was given to me
day and night for 3 weeks and then just during the day for the following 3
weeks. I thought I’d hate wearing it all the time but actually quite the
opposite as it was so comfortable and in fact when I took it off by breasts
felt quite heavy and tender so I was always keen to get it back it on! I
didn’t drive for about a week and didn’t exercise for 6 weeks. I was back at
my office job after a few days and back to running after about 7-8 weeks.

I am so pleased with the results and can’t believe how natural they look and
feel! They are much softer than I imagined they would be and are the perfect
size. I am now approximately a D cup. After 3 months they are a little numb
in places as are my nipples but I am assured the feeling will eventually
come back.

I’m so glad I went ahead and got them done and all my friends can’t stop
saying how great they look and so natural. No one would ever think by
looking at me that I have implants.

I definitely chose the right consultant.

Many thanks

Breast Uplift and Reduction, Female, South London

I had a breast reduction and uplift with Mr Sojitra and I was thrilled with the results.  I had never had cosmetic surgery before and I didn’t feel confident about the whole process, especially the result which Is something I guess we all care most about.  Mr Sojitra is very calm and confident and has a reassuring and modest manner.  He does not build up your hopes and that gave me a more realistic expectation and also made me feel my decision was mine and that it was made after weighing up all the pros and cons.  Immediately after the surgery I was very happy and physically comfortable and my recovery has been amazingly quick.  I sensed I had been in excellent hands and the result was clearly the best it could be.   The size, the symmetry, the bruising, the incisions, all looked close on perfection, and I had done my visual research beforehand!  My physical comfort has improved overnight, they are just the right size for my body.  Mr Sojitra’s judgement in the right size and shape for me was perfect.   Therefore my expectations were exceeded.  Do not take modesty always to mean a modest result.  I am very happy and I would highly recommend Mr Sojitra to everyone considering this more complicated procedure.

H (Wimbledon)

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction, Female, North London

Being given a diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating at any age, but to be given this diagnosis at the relatively young age of 36, and to be told that you need to go through chemotherapy and have a mastectomy is even more distressing.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and spent the next nine months receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and undergoing mastectomy with lymph node clearance.  The light at the end of the tunnel was the fact that my breast surgeon assured me that I could be referred for reconstructive surgery once the treatment had finished and he recommended Mr Sojitra.

Following a few consultations with Mr Sojitra,  I was admitted to the Royal Free Hospital for breast reconstruction surgery.  I opted for a DIEP flap reconstruction which brings tissue from my abdomen to be used to reconstruct my breast.  I was in hospital for about a week, during which time I received excellent treatment from the entire team of nurses and doctors involved in my care.  I was then discharged home and recuperated over the following two months, and was able to return to work nine weeks after my surgery.

It is now twenty months later and I have been discharged from Mr Sojitra’s care.  The surgery has given an excellent result, particularly following nipple reconstruction and tattooing, and I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery.  I feel much more confident and am able to wear clothes I thought I’d never wear again.  It’s also great to be able to wear a “normal” bra and swimsuit, and I felt absolutely wonderful in my wedding dress when I got married just nine months after my reconstruction.

I am so thankful to Mr Sojitra and his entire team who have all worked so hard in achieving such a great result for me.