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Male, Prominent Ear Correction, South London

Hi there,

I just wanted to email to thank you for your help throughout the last few months.  I’d also like to thank Dr Sojitra for the procedure and even though it has only been a week I am very pleased with what he has done.  Finally I’d also like to thank Teresa for the follow up appointment; she was very polite and helpful regarding my recovery.  I have another follow up booked with Dr Sojitra in 5 weeks, so I look forward to seeing you/him then.

Thanks again.


Tummy Tuck, Female, Hertfordshire

Dear Mr Sojitra,

i would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic surgery you performed on me.  For the first time in many years i am feeling confident that i will have my pain free life back and although its early days the difference is already huge.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in the journey throughout and also the amazing job you did – it’s a joy to look at myself in the mirror even though i am still swollen!

You’ve given me my life back!!!

thank you