skin cancer

Skin Cancer (eyelid), Female, Hertfordshire

How to say thank you and to cover everything that I wish to convey in such a simple statement.

When I received the biopsy result from my GP a basal cell skin cancer just below my left eye and into the side of my nose I did not want to wait for a NHS referral that was late September.  I was scared and readliy admit over anxious.  The first part of the entire process being made easier was my telephone call to the Spire Hospital, such gentle caring staff and then the call transfer to yourselves.  Thank you for taking over, for being efficent, calm and reasuring and for making the appointment with Mr Sojitra.

Mr Sojitra is truly wonderful, he calmed my fears, the procdure under local anesthetic did not hurt and the wound 5 days post surgery is healing well.  I cannot thank him enough, I believe that he has a gifted skill and whilst I pray that I will never again need such treatment he would be my first choice of consultant.

Yours sincerely