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Breast Implant exchange, Female, Hertfordshire

i saw Mr Sojitra after a recommendation by a friend who had her implants done with him. the problem i had was that i had a breast augmentation done abroad 6 years ago through the areolar incision and i had problems with capsule hardening and the implants were too high. i saw many consultants in harley street and all refused to go through the same scar. i mean why would i want another scar. when i saw Nilesh he said going through the same insicion wasnt a major issue for him and he actually suggested to change the implant from overs to unders. i didnt even know that this was possible.  he was so relaxed and friendly.

on the say i saw his anesthetist and nurse and then he came and drew on me. before i could remember i woke up and the operation was finished.  6 months on i am delighted with the outcome and the scarring is minimal which he is renowned for.

i wouldnt hesitate anyone to go and see Nilesh as he is professional and very competent.


Male, gynaecomastia, North London

I had gynaecomastia since teens and one side was quite a lot larger than the other and finally i got the courage to come and see a surgeon.  I saw 4 surgeons and my fifth one was Nilesh Sojitra.  I saw so many as i just didnt feel safe and confident in the hands of the others.  Finally when i saw Mr Sojitra i felt reassured and confident as he was very honest in what could be achieved and almost downplayed the operation – im sure he didnt need another patient as his waiting room was full so he didnt feel the need to sell like the previous companies i went to.  The operation went well and i went home the same day with a garment that the hospital provided. At all times i felt i was well looked after and there  was always someone at the end of the fone. His nurse Teresa was caring and professional. i was back at work in 1 week after feeling a little battered and bruised.  i am now 4 months on and am delighted with the results. this has given me a new lease of life and i am eternally grateful to Mr Sojitra and his team. i would recommend anyone considering surgery to come and see him.

best wishes