Fat Grafting

Fat Transfer, Female, Luton

After putting my trust into a local but well known clinic and it being rated as –

“Best New Clinic and Best Business Development” by Aesthetic Medicine

My life was turned upside down, the surgery carried out went wrong and I was left with

scars indentations and in a mess, not knowing what to do or who to turn to I left it for over a year!


Finally after building up the courage to pursue the mess I was in and try and fix what had gone wrong

I found Nilesh and his team! and thank god I did….. they are absolutely amazing!

The care and understanding I was given was something I was worried I would not find, worried that

I would not be able to be fixed as such, but with Nilesh he gave me the belief that something could be done, yet he was also realistic.

Although extremely nervous I went through with the reconstructive surgery, the team of ladies that dealt with me

were amazing, kind and caring and listened to all my questions and concerns I knew from then I was doing the right thing.

I am several months on from the surgery and although I will never have what I pictured in my head due to the mess that was made by the last clinic I am over the moon with the outcome.

I would 100% recommend Nilesh to anyone who would like cosmetic surgery or like me reconstructive surgery.  He knows his stuff and I am truly grateful to him and his team for giving me back some of my confidence.

With no doubt I would turn to Nilesh again and recommend him to others.

Thank you guys for your support I am truly grateful.

Anon – Luton