Abdominoplasty, Female, Hertfordshire

I did a lot of research into the best surgeon for the job and Mr. Sojitra was the only one that had no bad reviews and his before and after pics were fantastic so I knew I wanted him. When I found him I realised he works so close by which was a great bonus!
The whole process has been really easy and exciting.
I’m over the moon with my results and it has given me so much confidence that I’ve never had before!
After my last check up I had a couple of concerns but mr.sojitra has put my mind at ease and given me instructions on how to solve my issue and I have complete confidence in him.
I will be using him in the future for other areas I’m unhappy with and would absolutely recommend him to everyone!

Abdominoplasty, Female, Hertfordshire

My tummy tuck was done April 12th 2017 and 11 weeks later my scar  is healing exceptionally well and stomach muscles considerably stronger. My tummy looks perfect and since loosing that extra skin I have gone from a size 12 back to a size 10 in trousers. By week three I was back to work and by week 9 was able to restart my sport as my stomach muscles are now feeling much more stronger. I was delighted throughout, from my first appointment for consultation to my time spent in hospital to my outpatient follow up appointments. All staff were very friendly and welcoming and kept me very comfortable and advised me throughout from what the procedure would entail to what to expect during weeks to follow for recovery. I am so very delighted with how straight forward this has been and would strongly advise this procedure to anyone considering a tummy tuck.

My thanks go to Mr Sojitra, Teresa, Carolyn and all of the staff whom were involved in my care. A truly outstanding team.

Kindest regards


Abdominoplasty, Female, North London

Thank you to Mr. Sojitra for doing a fantastic job!
After having four c sections and a hysterectomy, I had a lot of overhang of my stomach,
When I had to have a hernia operation, I opted for open surgery, having a hernia repair and the scar tissue from my previous operations removed at the same time!
I was totally surprised by the results, my tummy is flatter than it has ever been and Mr. Sojitra  even tightened my stomach muscles.
I could never have imagined such great results,
I would thoroughly recommend using Mr. Sojitra, and would use him for any future surgery,
Thank you again,
And a special thank you to his nurse Teresa, who put me at ease and answered my questions throughout the whole experience!



Tummy Tuck, Female, Hertfordshire

Dear Mr Sojitra,

i would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic surgery you performed on me.  For the first time in many years i am feeling confident that i will have my pain free life back and although its early days the difference is already huge.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in the journey throughout and also the amazing job you did – it’s a joy to look at myself in the mirror even though i am still swollen!

You’ve given me my life back!!!

thank you


Abdominoplasty and Liposuction, Female, Hertfordshire

After a c-section nightmare, i was in constant pain & restricted in my movements. I was terrified at the prospect of abdominoplasty to rectify problems caused by the initial procedure. After much deliberation I met with Nilesh & instantly felt very comfortable with his relaxed, albeit very confident approach. I thought about it for a few months, then took the decision to have the surgery. There was no pressure. I visited Nilesh again just for reassurance. He understood my concerns, put my mind at ease.
On the day of surgery I was incredibly calm, I was in good hands. The pain was a lot, however it was managed very well by the wonderful staff, always on hand. I had a 2 night stay at spire harpenden.
I didn’t encounter any serious problems post surgery, just paranoid that I would get an infection in the stitches. It never happened, the dressing was changed & kept very clean by Teresa, the lovely lady who gives all the help & support you need. Considering I was so terrified, I can’t believe it went so well. 2-3 months post surgery I was feeling better than ever. It will be 12 months until all settles down I’m told. I’ll always be grateful to Nilesh, Carolyn & Teresa & the team for being the reason I feel better now, than my old self ever did!

Diane T

Tummy Tuck and Breast Enlargement, Female, North London

I’m a 39 year old woman, who after having had two children found I could not shift my baby belly, I realised a tummy tuck was my only option. After looking into surgeons, I came across Nilesh Sojitra at the Spire Hospital.

At my first consultation I found Nilesh very easy going and easy to talk to. He went through what I could expect from a tummy tuck and that it was not a procedure to take lightly, we also spoke about breast implants as this was also something I had thought of having done, he recommended doing both together. I went away with all my info.

I had a second consultation with Nilesh confirming that I wished to go ahead. I tried different sized implants to find the ones that suited my frame best. I was happy with everything, so I was booked in for the 11th of December 2013. Carolyn, Nilesh’s personal assistant took me around the hospital rooms to just give me an idea of what to expect, and also answered questions.

On the day of my surgery, I was check in and showed to my room and given time to settle in before the nurses came and did blood pressure etc. Nileshs came up sometime later to mark out on me and check all was well.

After surgery I was taken back to my room, a bit spaced out and very sore. The nurses popped in every half an hour or so. I saw Nilesh later that evening, and also Teresa the cosmetic nurse, both saying everything went well and he was pleased with the surgery.

Once home, I found it tougher than i thought, but I had Teresa checking in via text every day, she would answer any questions I had and always put my mind at ease.

 I’m now 10 weeks post op and very pleased with the results, and I know I still have a few months until I get the full affect. Nilesh and his team did a great job ………… …………

Thank you


Tummy Tuck, Female, Hertfordshire

I would have no hesitation in recommending Nilesh Sojitra, and the team that support him in Harpenden, if you  are considering surgery.  It is never a simple decision to go ‘under the knife’ and I do not think anyone would do it without proper consideration.  I carried out careful research before I spoke to Nilesh’s PA Carolyn, and from first contact I cannot fault the professionalism of his team.  Carolyn sent me details to consider and there was no pressure at all to make a decision.


I met Nilesh and discussed what was driving me to consider surgery, namely that after a C Section I had been left with an overhanging stomach that was not in proportion with the rest of me.  I had tried dieting but I never lost the stomach.  By the time I went to see Nilesh my body image was poor and I was miserable.


Nilesh had a frank and open and friendly discussion about the surgery, what could be done and the time it would take to heal and I agreed to move forward with surgery.


I have to say that 6 months on I am really happy with the work done and cannot fault the care I was given both when in for the surgery and after discharge.


Nicci – St Albans