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Abdominoplasty, Female, London

It is exactly six months since I underwent an abdominoplasty, performed by Mr Nilesh Sojitra, and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Although I am fairly slim and keep in shape, I have never liked my stomach and always felt it was out of proportion with the rest of me.  As I entered my forties, extra rolls of fat appeared – not just around my stomach but my ribs – and I knew as I got older it was not going to improve although otherwise I remained fairly petite.  So as I entered my fifth decade, I decided to investigate the options and had two consultations with different surgeons.  I was hoping that perhaps just some liposuction would suffice, but both consultants explained this would not give the result I was hoping for as slack skin would remain.

I met Mr Sojitra twice before making the decision to go ahead.  He came across as relaxed, positive and unstuffy.  The hospital staff were friendly and professional and I was not subject to any “hard sell” tactics.  I took time to read case histories and research thoroughly in order to make an informed decision.  Although the cost was rather higher than I had hoped or anticipated [although both consultants quoted roughly the same], there was no way I would ever consider going abroad or for any kind of cut-price deal.  I also spoke to an ex-patient of Mr Sojitra’s who herself worked within the health service – he had been recommended by her colleagues and had a reputation for very neat stitching, so this was very reassuring.

Once I decided to go ahead and was booked in, I can honestly say I did not feel at all anxious as I felt very confident about my surgeon and the hospital.

My procedure included liposuction to flanks and tightening up slack stomach muscles to achieve the optimum result.  Although it was explained to me that the surgery is not as radical as a caesarean, it nevertheless takes about four hours so is a fairly major operation.  Having to sleep sitting up for the first week or so was difficult as it put huge strain on my back and moving around to start with took time and care although I ensured I kept mobile and did a reasonable amount of steady walking.  I do a lot of walking and have been practising yoga for years and I’m convinced this made a huge difference to the speed and success of my recovery.

I live alone and although I had friends checking on me and ferrying me to hospital a couple of times, I self-cared and it wasn’t a problem as I had made preparations beforehand.  I followed the after-care advice of Mr Sojitra and the Cosmetic Nurse (who was excellent) to the letter and six months on, the lumpiness of the scar is nearly gone and the redness is beginning to fade.  I have not regained sensation in one area of my stomach and do not know if this is permanent, although I am not overly concerned.  I weighed myself when I returned from hospital and had lost half a stone and I’ve been determined to maintain this weight.

It is still a novelty to look down and see a flat abdomen and stomach where before I saw rolls of fat!  Friends who I confided in were surprised I felt the need to have surgery but then I always covered it up well and am not otherwise large.  Those same friends often pay me compliments now as I am able to wear favourite figure-hugging skirts which had just languished in the wardrobe for years.  It is fantastic to be able to buy clothes and not feel constrained by having to disguise my middle and that things now fit properly although I haven’t rushed out and bought lots.  My biggest thrill has been putting on things I haven’t worn in a long time (or since surgery) which now look even better.

I am happy to speak with anyone who is considering undergoing the same surgery with Mr Sojitra.

Sue (London)

Breast Augmentation & Abdominal Liposculpture, Female , London

Dear Mr Sojitra,

Just a brief note to thank you very much for the excellent care I have received from you and your team.
I was very nervous at the initial consultation but found your bedside manner very relaxing and reassuring.  The advice you gave me was first class and the operation to increase my breast size with liposculpture to my stomach was exactly what I wanted and passed without any problems whatsoever.
Your aftercare too has been first rate and the post operative scars are the smallest I have ever seen.  Thank you so much.
As a professional glamour model, the enhancements you have given me have greatly improved my confidence and have already attracted great interest and job offers.
I am delighted to recommend your wonderful services and should any of your future prospective clients need reassurance, then they should check out the Koshmo Photography shoot on my portfolio website
The pictures were taken barely 5 weeks after my operation!
Kindest regards
Aka Miss Sascha ‘Sas’ Gomes