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Female, Breast Augmentation, Kent

Its now been just over 8 months since i had my breast augmentation with you via. I’m sorry its taken so long to write to you but I’ve been so busy with work.  I cannot stress to you how happy I am with the results.  It took me about 5 years of deciding whether to have this procedure done as I was so scared of the outcome, i.e. that they would be too big and fake looking.  I’m 5ft 5ins and have always weighed about 8stone 10Lbs.  I used to be a 34C but due to a car accident I had about 8 years ago where I broke my jaw and lost nearly 2stone in weight my breasts have never regained their former size and fullness and due to the rapid weight loss I also had a few small stretch marks. I’ve always been conscious of my weight and appearance and regularly go to the gym 4 times a week.  I’m happy with my figure but as the years went by I got more and more upset about my breasts.  it was getting to a point where a 34B bra was loose and my breasts just felt empty and they were starting to sag slightly.  I made up my mind last Christmas to have them done in 2011.
I had previously done some research and I one important thing that kept on coming up was to make sure the surgeon i go with was BAAPS registered.  I found a local BAAPS registered surgeon at The Chelsfield Hospital and had a meeting in January 2011, but the whole experience was not great and rather embarrassing.  The surgeon  was about 65 years old was quite dismissive, he hardly looked at me just looking down at his pad writing, he then asked me to remove my top and said what size he thought I should be, he wasn’t really interested in hearing what I had to say and just rushed he out. I asked for an example of what I was look like and he suggested I get a plastic bag and put a certain amount of water in it and that’s an approximate size i will be and this surgeon was charging £5,500.  Even though this person was BAAPS registered I Googled his name and found a few bad reviews about him, similar to my comments, but I didn’t find any negative reviews on his work so I was still in two minds.  I Then saw an article in a Sunday news paper supplement (either the Times or The Daily Mail) and Mr Sojitra was mentioned.  I then Googled him and all I could find was glowing reviews, so I called him in the middle of February 2011.  My meeting with Nilesh was at the Highgate Hospital, and the whole experience was totally different.  Nilesh was very professional and warm and asked me lots of questions and I explained that due to personal circumstances and weight loss that I just wanted to regain my original fullness and that more important that they had to look natural to a point where I didn’t really want people to notice I’d had a breast augmentation done and that I only wanted to be a 34C no bigger.   Nilesh listened to all my views and worry’s and after an examination he made me wear a bra and he showed me the implants itself and we tried the different sizes to see what size I was happy with, he explained about having the implant over or under the muscle, where to have the incision etc etc.  I came out of the meeting feeling so reassured and actually excited, so I booked the op for April. The people who work with Mr Sojitra were very helpful, friendly and attentive.
The operation itself was allot less painful than I expected and after the operation I actually felt well enough to go shopping up the Westend 2 days later as I felt so great (I probably shouldn’t have admitted that).  I cannot stress to you how pleased and happy I am with the results, they were obviously bigger at 1st due to swelling but they are now exactly a good 34C and more important they look really natural and it actually took my friends a long time to notice, the main comment I got was had I lost weight as my waist looked smaller. My clothes look better on me and I look allot more in proportion. One of my main worries was whether it would have an impact on my exercise regime and if the breast would feel uncomfortable but with a good sports bra there is hardly any difference.  They feel so natural and part of me that sometimes I actually forget I’ve had them done, I always had a worry that you’d be aware of having a foreign body within you but this is not the case what so ever.
I would just like to thank Nilesh as he’s made me a very happy women and I’ve regained my confidence that I had lost and my only regret was that I didn’t have it done 5 years ago.