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Labiaplasty, Female, London

I am writing to express my immense gratitude at the care I received prior to, during, and folloWing my surgery as named above. I felt the whole process was extremely well organised and conducted in a timely and professional yet friendly manner, making the whole experience much easier to manage.

My appreciation extends to all members of staff encountered along the way, including all reception staff, my consultants secretary, my porter, nurses, even the staff who organised lunch for myself and my visitors. We were all made to feel very

welcome and comfortable, and everyone seemed to go out of their way for us when required.

I would particularly like to express my thanks to Mr Sojitra (Consultant) who was very accommodating and calming. Also, the anaesthetists (whose names I unfortunately did not obtain), who were very kind and considerate as I was rather nervous! And finally, Teresa Jellis (Clinical Nurse Specialist) who was so approachable and kind in preparing me for my surgery, as well as my follow up appointment post surgery.

I am very pleased to say that the surgery was a huge success and something I am very glad I had done! The work was completed with such precision and obvious care that I haven’t even experienced bruising!