Breast Implants + Uplift

Breast Enlargement, Female, Leicestershire

Mr Nilesh Sojitra, Breast Surgery FANTASTIC !!!

Mr Nilesh Sojitra at the Harpenden Spires hospital was recommended to me for my Breast Augmentation surgery, and I can honestly say the recommendation was a fantastic one. From the first appointment with Mr Sojitra I was made to feel at complete ease both by him and the rest of the team at Harpenden. Everything was explained to me in great detail and I was very happy to go ahead. On the day of my surgery, once again, EVERYONE was fantastic. Mr Sojitra made me feel so comfortable. It has been 12 weeks now and I have no complaints everything has healed well and I have had no problems. If anyone is thinking of having breast surgery then I would HIGHLY recommend Mr Nilesh Sojitra and his team at Harpenden. Thank You X


I met Dr Nilesh Sojitra in 2011 when I had my first surgical procedure, breasts augmentation. The results was amazing, more than I have ever expected. Since then I have had other cosmetic procedures: moles removal, Juvederm fillers and I have always been more than happy with my results. I strongly recommend Dr Sojitra who apart from being a genius when it comes to cosmetic procedures either surgical or non-surgical, is also very friendly, caring, calm and very honest! And the Juvederm fillers are beyond words….. So if anyone needs a great doctor he is definitely THE BEST!


Breast Reconstruction/Asymmetry, Female, South London

I was delighted to have Nilesh as a consultant, first and foremost he did a fantastic job in correcting my asymmetrical issues which has lead to a dramatic improvement in my self confidence and satisfaction.  I had no breast development on one side and a DD on the other. Alongside this he maintained a constant professional yet obviously caring air, which is something very important in a doctor to whom you are entrusting to care about your individual needs and desires. I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone considering to use his services to go ahead as the whole experience was very pleasant, and I cannot thank him enough!

Please pass my thanks on to Nilesh, I really can’t explain how much my life has changed and how happy I am as a result.

Breast Uplift and Implants, Female, Hertfordshire

Dear Nilesh,

I just wanted to express my eternal gratitude to you, I had been thinking of getting my boobs done over the past 3 years, after losing 2 stone and having 3 children my boobs were like spaniels ears, they were literally like socks with golf balls in!! i was very insecure and was so uncomfortable with the way they were. I went to a few places and went with people’s recommendations.. I just did not feel as though they were for me… I then visited spire and had a choice of consultants, I read your profile blog on the spire website and chose to go with you.. (Even though there was other consultants I could of got to see sooner) I chose to wait the extra week and see you! I’m so glad I did. I felt a connection straight away.. You were professional, understanding, caring, very thorough and down to earth. You performed a bilateral maxtopexy and augmentation (uplift and implants) and I can’t tell you how you have changed my life. My breasts are now where they should be they are nice and full and I’m so happy, I literally feel a new woman and the words ‘thank you’ seem so small for what you have done. My scars are amazing too. I am definitely coming back to see you in the near future to Do my belly and tidy it up. I have quiet a few yummy mummy’s that go on about how they would like it done and I’ve recommended you and ill continue to recommend you always. I literally can not tell you how amazing you are!.. Your work is incredible and so are you!

Jenny  xx

Breast Uplift and Enlargement, Female, London

Dear Nilesh,

I’m writing this to thank you so much for what you have done for my breasts and to help other women who may want to have an uplift and implants after pregnancy and 4 wonderful children.  i used to have full D cup boobs before my children but after breastfeeding and pregnancy i was left with empty socks. this left me feeling low about my body for some time.  a friend recommended for me to go and see Nilesh as they had been happy with their breast enlargement a few years ago. i had seen 2 other surgeons in London, one privately and one in a company. i wasnt too keen on either as i didnt feel a connection. When i made my appointment to see Nilesh, him and his nurse made me feel so confortable and at ease. Straight away i knew he was the man! he reassured me and gave me honest advice that i should only use a modest implant size to get a nice shape which is all i really wanted. i wanted to remain natural and was scared that i might end up fake. he explained that naturalness is the aim of surgery. i am now almost a year down the line and couldnt be happpy. i manage to fit into E bras – yipee – and most important of all i feel confident about my body again. i would recommend Mr Sojitra to anyone considering this as he is honest and his team very caring.


V (London)

Breast Reconstruction, Female, West London

Dear Mr. Sojitra

I cannot put into words nor express my profound  gratitude and thankfulness for what you have done for me.  What you have given me is priceless.  When I was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago and my right breast removed I had no hope at all of ever getting my breast back.  It left me scarred and there was a deep void in my life.  Even though I had the option of having breast reconstruction surgery—I did not have the courage to go through surgery again–I felt at my age 60+
I was being vain and wanting something which was unnecessary.
All that changed when my GP sent me to you for a consultation at the hospital.  Right from the start you instilled confidence in me.   When I hesitatingly asked you whether it was okay for me to go through this surgery at my age– your response still rings in my years  “Even 80 year olds go through surgery and sail through with no problems.”  That changed everything for me and I decided to go ahead with the surgery.  It took another eight months before I could finalize the dates for the surgery due to heavy work commitments.  Now looking back I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made.  There is a dignified and quiet confidence about you.  I sensed goodness and integrity in you.  You do not smile often–I wish you did!!–but I was convinced your seriousness was due to the fact that you were so very committed and dedicated to what you do.  I was right.  You are the best– an amazing and brilliant surgeon.  I am so fortunate to have had you as my surgeon.  What you have given me is perfect breasts.  I cannot even differentiate between my real breast and the one created by you.  They are identical..I have absolutely the best and most beautiful breasts now–thanks to you..  I cannot stop admiring them..It is awesome and life changing.  This is the happiest I have been in a long long time.
You have given me back my confidence, self esteem, self assurance and above all my femininity.  I admire and marvel at what you do.
May the Divine always guide you in your ongoing work in giving countless women hope, joy self confidence, self worth and most precious of all their femininity.  Through out the entire procedure you and your team have taken care of me exceptionally well and with utter dedication.  Please say a big “thank you” to one and all.  I am forever grateful and thankful.
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Yours sincerely