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Breast Enlargement, Female, Hertfordshire

I’d always wanted a breast augmentation but put the idea off till I was older and till the time I felt I had stopped growing.  So in the beginning of 2013 I decided I was ready to find a surgeon and have them done finally.  I had a consultation with Nilesh, prior to this consultation I was contacted by his PA and was immediately put at ease by her lovely nature & lack of hard selling tactics.

She told me everything I needed to know, what would happen at the consultation and made me aware of pricing, which many clinics seem to keep private until crunch time

I had my consultation with Nilesh at Spire in Harpenden and was made to feel very welcome.  Nilesh spoke to me & my mum about every minute detail possible, answering any questions we had as we went through.

After we had discussed the details I was measured so Nilesh could find out what would work and what wouldn’t, then I got to try on a surgery bra which you place implants in to determine the size you think will suit you and what you are comfortable with.

As soon as I saw the size I ended up going with I knew it was perfect and right.

Nilesh made the whole experience easy and I never felt like I was pushed into my surgery or into having a certain size/look.

I decided to go through with the surgery and Carolyn, hi PA, phoned me the next day with the date of my surgery, pricing and other details.  I was also contacted by Teresa, the cosmetic specialist nurse who took me through a questionnaire and answered any of my queries.

My surgery date came round and I was lucky enough to be first into surgery as i was a daycase.  The morning of my surgery I was checked over by a nurse, had a chat with and had my surgery marks drawn on by Nilesh & got chance to speak to my anesthetist all of which put me even more at ease than I already was.  I was walked down to surgery and was surprisingly calm. Even though I was in a hospital gown, awful compression stockings and funny pants!

The next thing I remember is coming round and being checked on every half an hour.

I felt extremely well looked after and safe.

Nilesh came to see me once I had come round but I can’t say I remember much of it.  My subsequent meetings with Nilesh & Teresa were perfect.  Teresa checked how I was healing and put new coverings over my scars & Nilesh checked my breasts over.

My breast augmentation is easily the best decision I ever made,  Well the best decision I ever made was to go with Nilesh.  I am so pleased with how they look and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

I want to thank Nilesh and his team for making me even happier than I was before.