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Female, Breast Augmentation, West London

At the initial consultation I found everyone was very helpful, understanding and considerate. Making
you feel comfortable from the time you step through the door, all of my questions were answered
and I gained a lot of information about the procedure and what I could expect. Everyone was very
helpful and gave me some useful tips in order to help me choose the correct size for me and my
body. At no point did I feel that anyone was ‘selling’ me the procedure.
Mr. Sojitra (my surgeon) put me at ease and I was very confident in his abilities.  He is very honest
and will tell you how it is and what he thinks but also give you options and let you decide with all the
advice you could need.
Highgate hospital is very comfortable and I was put entirely at ease, although I was understandably
nervous. Following my operation I was given first class care and attention and was soon on my way
I would advise following all of the recommendations given to you by your surgeon and nurse to ensure a full and complication free recovery. I did this and, thankfully, I have had no
problems whatsoever. The incisions healed quickly and neatly and my ‘boobs’ have settled nicely.
I am delighted with my new shape and also my posture has improved enormously.

The support and care given to you is first class during what can be a challenging ( and exciting) time.
I have gone from thinking about my ‘boobs’ for a lot of the day and feeling self-conscious to just accepting that they are now just a part of me – a part that I now really like!


Gynaecomastia, Male, North London

I had gynaecomastia for a number of years and this was something that I was really struggling with. When I made the decision to resolve the issue, I knew I had to pick an excellent surgeon as this would be a life changing decision.  Mr Sojitra certainly lived up to my expectations.  Having spent years trying to mask the issue I was a little embarrassed about facing the problem and discussing it openly with other people, however Mr Sojitra and his staff made me feel completely comfortable.

The surgery itself went very smoothly and I was able to go home on the very same day.  I was surprised by the speed of the recovery and I was able to return to work in just over 4 days.  Recovery times will vary depending on the individual, however this is something that will be facilitated by the quality of the surgery itself.

My thanks to Mr Sojitra and his staff.