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Breast Augmentation, Female, Saint Albans

Alexis, a busy mum of three young children, speaks to us about her decision to have a breast augmentation at Spire Harpenden Hospital with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nilesh Sojitra.


Before kids I was very happy with my breasts, but my kids just sucked the life out of them.  I am a vain person and couldn’t go through the rest of my life not happy with how they looked and not wanting to walk around my house in a nightie.  I wanted to do something about it, and discussed it with my husband.  Within two months I had had the operation.  I’m impulsive and once I’ve made a decision I like to get it done.

Why did you choose Spire Harpenden?

I live locally, in St Albans, and had previously had a procedure at Spire Harpenden, so was comfortable with the hospital and care.  When I said I was considering getting a breast augmentation my friends asked whether I would be going to a Harley Street Clinic, but I know that a lot of the surgeons who work in Harley Street also work in other hospitals. In my case, my surgeon who works in Harley Street also has a base in Harpenden.

What was your first consultation with Mr Sojitra like?

Mr Sojitra was very confident and he clearly knows what he’s doing.  He didn’t try to give me a sales pitch, and just answered my questions.

I met him at a consultation at Spire Harpenden in January.  I had met one other cosmetic consultant, but made my mind up then.  The service was great, and I particularly liked being able to see the 3D before and after images which he created for me, so I could see how the results would look.

I chose to go for a larger size – everyone who I spoke to said that you very quickly get used to the size and I didn’t want to regret going to small.  I asked Nilesh’s opinion and he was very supportive.

How was the care you received while you were at Spire?

The staff at Spire were perfect and very kind.  I was only in for a few hours; I wanted an in and out procedure so I could get back to normal and didn’t want to worry about childcare if I was in overnight.

How do you feel about the results?

I absolutely love it.  It’s the third best decision I’ve ever made, after having kids and getting married.  I’m 36 and don’t get my cleavage out, but it has made me so much more confident.

Would you recommend Mr Sojitra?

Yes – My best friend is choosing whether to have another child, if she decides against it she will be coming in straight away to get it done with him.  I have recommended Nilesh to many of my friends.


I met Dr Nilesh Sojitra in 2011 when I had my first surgical procedure, breasts augmentation. The results was amazing, more than I have ever expected. Since then I have had other cosmetic procedures: moles removal, Juvederm fillers and I have always been more than happy with my results. I strongly recommend Dr Sojitra who apart from being a genius when it comes to cosmetic procedures either surgical or non-surgical, is also very friendly, caring, calm and very honest! And the Juvederm fillers are beyond words….. So if anyone needs a great doctor he is definitely THE BEST!