Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement, Female, Leicestershire

Mr Nilesh Sojitra, Breast Surgery FANTASTIC !!!

Mr Nilesh Sojitra at the Harpenden Spires hospital was recommended to me for my Breast Augmentation surgery, and I can honestly say the recommendation was a fantastic one. From the first appointment with Mr Sojitra I was made to feel at complete ease both by him and the rest of the team at Harpenden. Everything was explained to me in great detail and I was very happy to go ahead. On the day of my surgery, once again, EVERYONE was fantastic. Mr Sojitra made me feel so comfortable. It has been 12 weeks now and I have no complaints everything has healed well and I have had no problems. If anyone is thinking of having breast surgery then I would HIGHLY recommend Mr Nilesh Sojitra and his team at Harpenden. Thank You X

Breast Augmentation, Female, Hertfordshire

Hello Nilesh and Carolyn, better late than never. Still very happy with my surgery two years on. Many thanks.

I would recommend Dr Nilesh Sojitra very easily. Right through from initial consultation to follow up after surgery I felt comfortable and completely trusted him. He spent time discussing what I wanted, the outcome I expected and he also gave me advice where needed. The whole team at the Spire Harpenden Hospital were perfect and made me feel like I was in safe hands. Nothing was too much for them. I’m extremely pleased with the results. If I was to ever consider more surgery I would undoubtedly know where to come. Thank you to you all.

Breast Enlargement, Female, North London

‘ I recently decided to have a breast augmentation. After many years of deliberating, I received an extremely high recommendation from a client. I took the plunge and booked a consultation. I met with Mr Sojitra and instantly felt at ease. He was friendly, confident and gave me clear, honest advice. I felt so re-assured I booked my procedure the next day.

After my operation I felt extremely supported by Mr Sojitras nurse and pa. Both contacted me regularly to make sure I was well. Having their support and being able to call someone if I had any questions really put my mind at ease.

I could not recommend Mr Sojitra more highly. My breasts are exactly what I asked for. My scars are small and have healed perfectly. I couldn’t be happier.’

Breast Enlargement, Female, Hertfordshire

Firstly I’d like to rate my experience 5/5 and below is a little feedback.

‘My whole experience with Mr. Sojitra from start to finish has been fantastic, I would, and already have recommended him to anyone I know who may be considering undergoing breast augmentation. Coming from someone who had deliberated over this procedure for quite some time and spent countless hours researching online I’m so pleased I finally decided to go with Mr. Sojitra. I was very concerned about achieving a natural look and ensuring to the outsider it wasn’t noticeable I’d undergone surgery.

Nilesh put my mind at ease right away during my initial consultation. He was in no hurry to get through the appointment and listened carefully to my concerns and demands about what I definitely didn’t want! He was very informative without being too abrupt, he also gave an honest opinion regarding how they would look and advised which size I should go for to achieve my desired result. The amazing technology that created a 3D image of what they would look like afterwards was incredible and definitely helped in the decision making process.

I left my initial consultation and booked the procedure immediately as I was instantly 100% sure this was something I wanted to go through with. My next issue was which size to go for?! I was torn between a 200cc and 225cc, I expressed my uncertainties to Nilesh and he kindly took time to talk through the differences over the phone during his own time which I was incredibly grateful for. As I still felt unable to decide he suggested I went back to see him and I tried the sizers again but this time underneath some of my own clothes to give a better idea of how they’d look. This was so helpful and definitely something I would suggest to anyone torn between two sizes. I decided there and then to go for the 225cc and I’m really happy with my results.

The whole procedure went very smoothly, I went into hospital around 7am and I was on my way home by 2.30pm. The Spire took great care of me, I had a private room with plenty of space and it felt reassuring to know I was having the procedure done in hospital. I was really worried about the amount of pain I was going to be in afterwards but it really wasn’t so bad at all especially as it was under the muscle. I only took painkillers for the first 3days and then it was just achy and a little sore but nothing unbearable. The aftercare offered by Teresa (Mr. Sojitra’s nurse) was brilliant, she was so attentive and kept checking in to reassure any concerns of mine and ensure I was recovering well. Almost three months down the line now they are starting to soften up and have definitely dropped significantly. I’ve been neurotic with massaging the scars but I can’t believe how neat they are, you can barely see them!

I’ve just had my follow up appointment and all seems to have gone well from his point of view too! Thank you Nilesh, I’m very happy with my results.’

I hope I haven’t written too much of an essay here, please pass my thanks onto Nilesh.

Kind Regards,


Breast Implant exchange, Female, Hertfordshire

i saw Mr Sojitra after a recommendation by a friend who had her implants done with him. the problem i had was that i had a breast augmentation done abroad 6 years ago through the areolar incision and i had problems with capsule hardening and the implants were too high. i saw many consultants in harley street and all refused to go through the same scar. i mean why would i want another scar. when i saw Nilesh he said going through the same insicion wasnt a major issue for him and he actually suggested to change the implant from overs to unders. i didnt even know that this was possible.  he was so relaxed and friendly.

on the say i saw his anesthetist and nurse and then he came and drew on me. before i could remember i woke up and the operation was finished.  6 months on i am delighted with the outcome and the scarring is minimal which he is renowned for.

i wouldnt hesitate anyone to go and see Nilesh as he is professional and very competent.


Female, Breast Enlargement, North London

Deciding whether to have plastic surgery is a huge decision. Not only is your body changing long term, but you also have the worry of the procedure and not liking the final result. This is why I am extremely glad I got recommend to Dr. Nilesh Sojitra. He helped to guide me during the        consultation as to what size of implant would suit my body for a natural appearance without leaving stretch marks with the use of 3D scanning so I could visualise the result. The consultation left me feeling confident that I made the right choice for my body in terms of the implant size and the surgeon. The procedure went incredibly well and I was given all the aftercare information I needed and felt ready to go home the same day. I suffered no complications from the surgery and was very comfortable within the next few days. Now fully healed, Dr. Sojitra has kept up with my recovery and I am extremely happy with the end result of my surgery and the quality of care I recived from Dr. Sojitra with regards to his professional opinion and surgical skills. I would recommend Dr. Sojitra to anyone considering surgery, his level of experience and ability to build up an outstanding patient-doctor repore leaves you feeling secure and confident.