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Rhinoplasty, Male, Hertfordshire

I have only praise for the staff and surgeon (Mr. Sojitra) in regards to my rhinoplasty at Spire Harpenden.

My consultation was excellent, by the end of this I knew exactly what the options were and what the outcomes could be and what my expectations should be.

Mr. Sojitra’s medical staff were excellent and provided help and advice in all sorts of areas.

I felt fully supported in my decisions and knew that all possible scenarios of the operation would be dealt with professionally.

My nose was correct perfectly! Not only does it look great but I can breathe properly, the first time in over 30 years!

The operation went exactly to plan, as did the outcome. The after care, including pain management was excellent. The worst thing was the boredom of watching T.V for 2 weeks.

I actually found the whole procedure painless. The cosmetic results have given me confidence in all aspects of my life. I cannot praise Mr Sojitra’s surgical skill enough.

The whole experience was simple and not in any way difficult. It is the best investment I have ever made and I would recommend it to anyone who is not completely happy with their nose.

Kind regards


Female, Lump finger, Hertfordshire

Mr Sojitra has given me my confidence back. The whole process from start to finish was effortless!

For as long as I can remember I had a lump on my right hand ring finger. It’s something that has bothered me for years as people would always ask me about it and I didn’t know how to explain what it was. I was introduced to Mr Sojitra at the Spire Harpenden Hospital when I went along for a cosmetic evening to get an idea of what could be done to remove the lump.

During my consultation he told me what I could expect as a result of surgery. I felt completely confident that Mr Sojitra would be able to achieve a result I would be happy with.

My appointment was made a couple of days later, the process was so quick and easy. When I arrived for surgery his team made me feel comfortable. Mr Sojitra confirmed everything that was going to happen and reminded me of what I would expect to see as a result of the surgery. The surgery was so quick it felt like it was over before it had even started. He said that he was happy with the result and that I would need two follow up appointments to check everything was healing nicely.

I have since had my two follow up appointments and I cannot stop smiling and showing off my hand to everyone. Mr Sojitra has given me back so much confidence from something so small.

I feel two words such as “thank you” seem so minimal compared to how much gratitude I have. I am truly grateful for what he has been able to achieve.