Testimonials of the Week

Breast Augmentation, Female, Hertfordshire

Hello Nilesh and Carolyn, better late than never. Still very happy with my surgery two years on. Many thanks.

I would recommend Dr Nilesh Sojitra very easily. Right through from initial consultation to follow up after surgery I felt comfortable and completely trusted him. He spent time discussing what I wanted, the outcome I expected and he also gave me advice where needed. The whole team at the Spire Harpenden Hospital were perfect and made me feel like I was in safe hands. Nothing was too much for them. I’m extremely pleased with the results. If I was to ever consider more surgery I would undoubtedly know where to come. Thank you to you all.

Breast Enlargement, Female, North London

‘ I recently decided to have a breast augmentation. After many years of deliberating, I received an extremely high recommendation from a client. I took the plunge and booked a consultation. I met with Mr Sojitra and instantly felt at ease. He was friendly, confident and gave me clear, honest advice. I felt so re-assured I booked my procedure the next day.

After my operation I felt extremely supported by Mr Sojitras nurse and pa. Both contacted me regularly to make sure I was well. Having their support and being able to call someone if I had any questions really put my mind at ease.

I could not recommend Mr Sojitra more highly. My breasts are exactly what I asked for. My scars are small and have healed perfectly. I couldn’t be happier.’

Gynaecomastia, Male, North London

Im 28 years old and i have been treated for gynecomastia its been 12 weeks since i made that brave decision.
How it started i believe many many years ago i had noticed this problem but i never paid much attention to it, it could be due to many reason even at one stage i did visit the doctor but xplained it different so was not given the right attention aswell as being young, soon after i fell into some difficult times and moved away i started seeing this was not nice but was in a position in my life where i did not care and carried on for many years.
I was confused about what was going on i was shy of asking any one because i felt embarrassed and also hid it by wearing layers of clothes and when i took my top of i would pinch my nipples to make them tighter and show so no1 could see my puffy nipples, I been working out in and out of gyms from the age of 17, but in the last 2 years i decided to get into the fitness industry and trained hard but noticed my gyno was at its worst my fear was reality this problem is not just going to just go one day, i hid this from my gf of 8years i would restrict myself from doing stuff with her, swimming, holidays even having my top of when we was together i always laid onmy back so it could not be noticed by her, in honestly it affected our relationship.
This year 2016 i started searching up about this and realised what this problem was so i contacted my GP who did test on me and recommended me to go and see mr. Sojitra who was my surgeon. His secretary Carolyn and nurse Teresa, all made me very welcomed and treated me professionally and respectfully.
I always wondered the day this will go and then as i was getting ready to go in for my operation a sense of relief and finally im here.
Since my operation my team
Mr Nilesh Sojitra
have stayed in contact any doubts problems it was just a txt away which made it so helpful, i never had any problems thank God but i did keep in contact and visited them several times after for piece of mind and not once did they make me feel like i was wasting time which was the best bit, my nurse recommended me creams and tips also, I feel very posertive now and actually said to myself finally i can wear a white t shirt with out feeling like crap, i workout hard so should be proud of myself but was not until now, also you buy nice stuff to look nice, feel nice and i feel like i have come a long way very confident. Since surgery i have started to think of my health now which is a bonus to take care of 1 self and take care of the heart. This is just the beginning theres so much yet to come I never used to do running now im on cardio everyday and hopefully get abs lol..
I would like to thank everyone involved in the hospital team and a big thankyou to you 3, Mr sojitra  Carolyn Teresa

Endoscopic Browlift, Female, Hertfordshire

Here’s my review for Nilesh

Procedure : Endoscopic Browlift

“At the age of 50 my already deep-set eyes were getting very droopy and I felt they were very ageing for my face and made me look sad.  Mr Sojitra explained the procedure in detail;  the recovery involved and the improvements I could expect.  From my initial consultation to my post-op checkup I was very impressed with all stages and the outcome was just what I wanted. My eyes look like they did about 20-30 years ago and they look very natural without a false look to my face. There was hardly any pain afterwards and minimal bruising with the scars hidden in my hair. Friends and family who know I had the procedure are very impressed and people who don’t know have just told I’m looking well!  All-in-all I would recommend the procedure and Nilesh Sojitra at Cosmetic Surgeons London to anyone thinking of having the same thing.”

Many thanks,


Labial Reshaping/Reduction, Female, London

Hi Carolyn,

I’m hoping you could please pass on a huge thank you to Nilesh for me.

I can’t believe how different things look and I am absolutely delighted with it!

There is hardly any swelling and I would say the pain is 2/10 at worst. (although I have been taking the paracetamol/codeine which must be helping).

I imagine it won’t be long before I can stop taking the painkillers.

I really can’t believe how well the whole procedure has gone and won’t hesitate to recommend Nilesh to my friends!!

Look forward to seeing him in February for the follow up and I will write a testimonial for his website.

Thanks so much to you as well. The whole experience has been really positive.

Kind regards

Rhinoplasty, Male, Hertfordshire

I have only praise for the staff and surgeon (Mr. Sojitra) in regards to my rhinoplasty at Spire Harpenden.

My consultation was excellent, by the end of this I knew exactly what the options were and what the outcomes could be and what my expectations should be.

Mr. Sojitra’s medical staff were excellent and provided help and advice in all sorts of areas.

I felt fully supported in my decisions and knew that all possible scenarios of the operation would be dealt with professionally.

My nose was correct perfectly! Not only does it look great but I can breathe properly, the first time in over 30 years!

The operation went exactly to plan, as did the outcome. The after care, including pain management was excellent. The worst thing was the boredom of watching T.V for 2 weeks.

I actually found the whole procedure painless. The cosmetic results have given me confidence in all aspects of my life. I cannot praise Mr Sojitra’s surgical skill enough.

The whole experience was simple and not in any way difficult. It is the best investment I have ever made and I would recommend it to anyone who is not completely happy with their nose.

Kind regards


Female, Lump finger, Hertfordshire

Mr Sojitra has given me my confidence back. The whole process from start to finish was effortless!

For as long as I can remember I had a lump on my right hand ring finger. It’s something that has bothered me for years as people would always ask me about it and I didn’t know how to explain what it was. I was introduced to Mr Sojitra at the Spire Harpenden Hospital when I went along for a cosmetic evening to get an idea of what could be done to remove the lump.

During my consultation he told me what I could expect as a result of surgery. I felt completely confident that Mr Sojitra would be able to achieve a result I would be happy with.

My appointment was made a couple of days later, the process was so quick and easy. When I arrived for surgery his team made me feel comfortable. Mr Sojitra confirmed everything that was going to happen and reminded me of what I would expect to see as a result of the surgery. The surgery was so quick it felt like it was over before it had even started. He said that he was happy with the result and that I would need two follow up appointments to check everything was healing nicely.

I have since had my two follow up appointments and I cannot stop smiling and showing off my hand to everyone. Mr Sojitra has given me back so much confidence from something so small.

I feel two words such as “thank you” seem so minimal compared to how much gratitude I have. I am truly grateful for what he has been able to achieve.


Skin Cancer (eyelid), Female, Hertfordshire

How to say thank you and to cover everything that I wish to convey in such a simple statement.

When I received the biopsy result from my GP a basal cell skin cancer just below my left eye and into the side of my nose I did not want to wait for a NHS referral that was late September.  I was scared and readliy admit over anxious.  The first part of the entire process being made easier was my telephone call to the Spire Hospital, such gentle caring staff and then the call transfer to yourselves.  Thank you for taking over, for being efficent, calm and reasuring and for making the appointment with Mr Sojitra.

Mr Sojitra is truly wonderful, he calmed my fears, the procdure under local anesthetic did not hurt and the wound 5 days post surgery is healing well.  I cannot thank him enough, I believe that he has a gifted skill and whilst I pray that I will never again need such treatment he would be my first choice of consultant.

Yours sincerely