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Endoscopic Browlift, Female, Hertfordshire

Here’s my review for Nilesh

Procedure : Endoscopic Browlift

“At the age of 50 my already deep-set eyes were getting very droopy and I felt they were very ageing for my face and made me look sad.  Mr Sojitra explained the procedure in detail;  the recovery involved and the improvements I could expect.  From my initial consultation to my post-op checkup I was very impressed with all stages and the outcome was just what I wanted. My eyes look like they did about 20-30 years ago and they look very natural without a false look to my face. There was hardly any pain afterwards and minimal bruising with the scars hidden in my hair. Friends and family who know I had the procedure are very impressed and people who don’t know have just told I’m looking well!  All-in-all I would recommend the procedure and Nilesh Sojitra at Cosmetic Surgeons London to anyone thinking of having the same thing.”

Many thanks,


Labial Reshaping/Reduction, Female, London

Hi Carolyn,

I’m hoping you could please pass on a huge thank you to Nilesh for me.

I can’t believe how different things look and I am absolutely delighted with it!

There is hardly any swelling and I would say the pain is 2/10 at worst. (although I have been taking the paracetamol/codeine which must be helping).

I imagine it won’t be long before I can stop taking the painkillers.

I really can’t believe how well the whole procedure has gone and won’t hesitate to recommend Nilesh to my friends!!

Look forward to seeing him in February for the follow up and I will write a testimonial for his website.

Thanks so much to you as well. The whole experience has been really positive.

Kind regards

Rhinoplasty, Male, Hertfordshire

I have only praise for the staff and surgeon (Mr. Sojitra) in regards to my rhinoplasty at Spire Harpenden.

My consultation was excellent, by the end of this I knew exactly what the options were and what the outcomes could be and what my expectations should be.

Mr. Sojitra’s medical staff were excellent and provided help and advice in all sorts of areas.

I felt fully supported in my decisions and knew that all possible scenarios of the operation would be dealt with professionally.

My nose was correct perfectly! Not only does it look great but I can breathe properly, the first time in over 30 years!

The operation went exactly to plan, as did the outcome. The after care, including pain management was excellent. The worst thing was the boredom of watching T.V for 2 weeks.

I actually found the whole procedure painless. The cosmetic results have given me confidence in all aspects of my life. I cannot praise Mr Sojitra’s surgical skill enough.

The whole experience was simple and not in any way difficult. It is the best investment I have ever made and I would recommend it to anyone who is not completely happy with their nose.

Kind regards


Female, Lump finger, Hertfordshire

Mr Sojitra has given me my confidence back. The whole process from start to finish was effortless!

For as long as I can remember I had a lump on my right hand ring finger. It’s something that has bothered me for years as people would always ask me about it and I didn’t know how to explain what it was. I was introduced to Mr Sojitra at the Spire Harpenden Hospital when I went along for a cosmetic evening to get an idea of what could be done to remove the lump.

During my consultation he told me what I could expect as a result of surgery. I felt completely confident that Mr Sojitra would be able to achieve a result I would be happy with.

My appointment was made a couple of days later, the process was so quick and easy. When I arrived for surgery his team made me feel comfortable. Mr Sojitra confirmed everything that was going to happen and reminded me of what I would expect to see as a result of the surgery. The surgery was so quick it felt like it was over before it had even started. He said that he was happy with the result and that I would need two follow up appointments to check everything was healing nicely.

I have since had my two follow up appointments and I cannot stop smiling and showing off my hand to everyone. Mr Sojitra has given me back so much confidence from something so small.

I feel two words such as “thank you” seem so minimal compared to how much gratitude I have. I am truly grateful for what he has been able to achieve.


Skin Cancer (eyelid), Female, Hertfordshire

How to say thank you and to cover everything that I wish to convey in such a simple statement.

When I received the biopsy result from my GP a basal cell skin cancer just below my left eye and into the side of my nose I did not want to wait for a NHS referral that was late September.  I was scared and readliy admit over anxious.  The first part of the entire process being made easier was my telephone call to the Spire Hospital, such gentle caring staff and then the call transfer to yourselves.  Thank you for taking over, for being efficent, calm and reasuring and for making the appointment with Mr Sojitra.

Mr Sojitra is truly wonderful, he calmed my fears, the procdure under local anesthetic did not hurt and the wound 5 days post surgery is healing well.  I cannot thank him enough, I believe that he has a gifted skill and whilst I pray that I will never again need such treatment he would be my first choice of consultant.

Yours sincerely


Breast Asymmetry, Female, Northwood

I found Dr Sojitra at Spire Hospital through recommendation. After losing over 3 stone I had gone from a 38C to a 32A/B and wasn’t happy with my body despite the weight loss. I looked into breast augmentation and decided it was the right choice for me. Surgery won’t fix self esteem issues but it helped me feel comfortable in my own skin again.

I told Dr Sojitra my dream breast size is a 32DD and he recommended me a certain sized implant for each breast to even out the size of my breasts as naturally one was smaller than the other. He also recommended that I go over the muscle as I had excess skin to help the implants look natural.

He was completely right, because my new natural looking breasts have been measured at a 32DD, my scar isn’t noticeable unless under close inspection & it doesn’t even feel like I’ve had surgery!

The staff at Spire made me feel at home throughout my consultations, surgery and also with the aftercare. The team helped me feel positive despite the nerves of an operation. I will recommend Spire & Dr Sojitra to anyone I know interested in breast surgery.

You have changed my life – Thank you!


Breast Reconstruction (DIEP), Female, Bedfordshire

Following a breast cancer diagnosis, I decided I wanted a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction to give myself the best chance of breast cancer never returning. I was put in touch with Nilesh through my breast surgeon who I had seen at The Spire Hospital Harpenden. I had two consultations with Mr Sojitra,at the Spire Hospital Harpenden, the first consultation where a procedure called DIEP reconstruction was suggested (using my own body tissue from my generous tummy flap having had 4 children), this is the most complex of reconstructive micro surgery but gives the best long term results. I met the wonderful Teresa his plastics nurse who looks after patients with him on follow up appointments. Prior to my first meeting with him Teresa telephoned me to discuss my knowledge of the procedure and also gave me her mobile phone number should I have any further questions or queries. Mr Sojitra  comes across as a very laid back no fuss to the point, quiet person. He agreed I would be a suitable candidate for DIEP reconstruction and explained the procedure which was going to be done within the same operation as the double mastectomy, the whole operation taking between 10 to 15 hours, not many people have a double reconstruction and due to the complexity of the micro surgery and the immediate aftercare I would need, it would have to be performed at the Royal Free in London. However he was very reassuring and daunting and scary as the whole thing was I was not at any time worried or concerned that I had chosen the wrong surgeon, his calm reassuring approach together with his honest realistic recovery explanations made me feel at ease.  His very efficient secretary Carolyn Butterfield rang me to arrange further appointments and also kept me updated on the date for my forthcoming surgery. I had a final appointment with Nilesh prior to my operation and again he answered any questions that I had. On the day of the surgery Nilesh came up to see me in my hospital room with his team, and they were ready for me. No waiting or hanging about. I was in theatre for 13 –14 hours. I was in hospital as Nilesh had predicted for 9 days, the first few days on an NHS ward where the care and nursing I received at the Royal Free was above and beyond, then transferred up to the private patients floor, again with amazing care. I am now 6 weeks post op and have seen Nilesh and Teresa at fortnightly intervals. The results I have on my reconstructed breasts are amazing, I also have due to the operation a flat stomach, as once they have reconstructed you from your stomach you get a tummy tuck as well. I have been very lucky my cancer had not spread, as I chose such radical surgery for me there is no further treatment. But for anyone considering any reconstructive surgery I have one statement to make and that is, “ The mans a GENIUS”, he is very unassuming very professional, and he has reconstructed my breasts in a way that even the nurses were asking, “Are they real”?, I won’t see him and his amazing team now until I have my 6 month follow up, I have been very lucky to be able to walk away from my breast cancer, and very very fortunate to have been put in touch with this amazing man by my breast surgeon. Words can not express the gratitude I feel for what Mr Nilesh Sojitra  has done for me. As I thanked him for giving me back the rest of my life, I meant every word.

Tracey G – Bedfordshire

Breast Enlargement, Female, Hertfordshire

I had been considering a BA for years and finally after having my two children I decided to go for a consultation to see if I could finally make my mind up. I went locally to the Spires, Harpenden and chose Nilesh Sojitra because he had good reviews online and his own website which was really informative.  His calm relaxed manner and obvious experience instantly put me at ease and not embarrassed. I tried on several different size prosthetics which he recommended for me and I had lots of opportunities to ask questions. Everything was explained.

The Crisalix software is brilliant. The next day I had simulated images of what I would look like with three different sizes.  I decided to go ahead.

Carolyn his PA is really friendly and helpful and an appointment with the wonderful Teresa, his clinical nurse the week beforehand made sure I was completely prepared and all my questions were answered.  She knows everything there is to know about what to expect before, during and after the op.

I was really scared on the day but the professionalism of everyone at the Spires, put me at ease again, Mr Sojitra came to see me beforehand which also helped.

For the two weeks after the procedure Teresa kept in touch regularly to check I was recovering and answer my questions. She really was invaluable.

I’m really thrilled with the results. They look really natural and symmetrical.  I had no problems post op.   The Crisalix images were bang on and Nilesh definitely recommended the right size implants for the results I wanted.

A big thank you to Nilesh and his brilliant team!


Breast Augmentation, Female, Harpenden

I had wanted a BA for many years, following weight loss and a pregnancy and breast feeding, I decided whilst on a family holiday to go ahead and finally make an appointment.

When we returned from holiday in October and I very quickly went online and began to do my research. I knew I wanted to have my procedure carried out at Spire Harpenden as I live locally and didn’t want to travel into London. Two friends and work colleagues had their BAs performed at Spire and they were very happy with the care and outcome. I had the name of the surgeon who performed their BA, after doing a lot of research I decided not to opt for him. I came across the details for Nilesh Sojitra. I was very impressed that he was the only surgeon at Spire Harpenden to use the imaging software crisalix, where he could email you photos of how you could look post op, in a range of sizes. In my opinion he also was the only surgeon listed who had an up to date, informative website.

That evening I decided to email his PA Carolyn, she got back to me very quickly and gave me a call. I had very specific dates in mind for the procedure. I needed it carried out right before Christmas as I’d booked just over two weeks of annual leave off. Nothing was too much for Carolyn. She even provisionally booked my op in at the time of booking my consultation. She was very helpful.

I attended my consultation with Nilesh. I knew straight away I’d chosen the right surgeon. He was very friendly, put me at ease and explained everything to me. I’ve heard from friends that a few surgeons don’t do much talking during their consultations and get you to watch a video for all the info!
I was relieved to be informed by Nilesh that the surgery would be carried out as a day case, I didn’t want to stay in hospital over night. I didn’t even have to go back for pre op checks, which for me was very convenient as I work full time and have a two year old daughter. His nurse Teresa went through everything pre operatively on the phone. I can honestly say she was super throughout. She really knows her stuff.

I was feeling very nervous on the day of the procedure. Once again, Nilesh put me at ease with his calm professional bedside manner. The surgery itself went well and I was home by 2.30pm. All the hospital staff were great. Especially the Anaesthetist Alan, his assistant Dean, the lovely recovery room nurses and Sam who cared for me post op.

Teresa contacted me numerous times to make sure I was doing ok until she seen me between Christmas and new year for suture trimming.

If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to go for the larger size, as I’ve very quickly got used to the size once the swelling went down. I chose 350cc high profiles and I’m very happy.

I’d recommend Nilesh to anyone without hesitation. In fact my sister in law is considering booking in with him for a consultation for a BA in the near future.

Fab surgeon!


Breast Augmentation, Female, Harpenden

I had been thinking about a “boob job” since the birth of my first child in 2006. I was always a D cup, put on 4 stone during each pregnancy, then breast fed, and lost weight – leaving me with B cup breasts, but with the skin of a D cup. They felt empty and looked very sad. Finally, in 2015, I had the money to pay for the surgery…I didn’t hesitate. Two separate friends recommended Mr Sojitra.  He was professional and friendly (as were the whole team) and made me feel relaxed to trust his judgement in choosing the right size of implant needed (which was placed over the muscle.)
The surgery itself went smoothly, in and out in one day. Recovery was as expected; uncomfortable, sore and swollen. I followed all the advice given, and went back to teaching 16 hours of Dance Exercise per week, after the recommended six weeks rest.
My scars are under the boob, and becoming less noticeable daily.
No-one noticed my new bigger lovely boobs….which I was DELIGHTED about. This surgery was for me alone and I am SO pleased, as I’ve fallen back in-love with my whole body.
I would recommend Mr Sojitra to anyone considering this surgery.

D x