Breast Uplift and Reduction, Female, South London

I had a breast reduction and uplift with Mr Sojitra and I was thrilled with the results.  I had never had cosmetic surgery before and I didn’t feel confident about the whole process, especially the result which Is something I guess we all care most about.  Mr Sojitra is very calm and confident and has a reassuring and modest manner.  He does not build up your hopes and that gave me a more realistic expectation and also made me feel my decision was mine and that it was made after weighing up all the pros and cons.  Immediately after the surgery I was very happy and physically comfortable and my recovery has been amazingly quick.  I sensed I had been in excellent hands and the result was clearly the best it could be.   The size, the symmetry, the bruising, the incisions, all looked close on perfection, and I had done my visual research beforehand!  My physical comfort has improved overnight, they are just the right size for my body.  Mr Sojitra’s judgement in the right size and shape for me was perfect.   Therefore my expectations were exceeded.  Do not take modesty always to mean a modest result.  I am very happy and I would highly recommend Mr Sojitra to everyone considering this more complicated procedure.

H (Wimbledon)