Breast Uplift and Enlargement, Female, London

Dear Nilesh,

I’m writing this to thank you so much for what you have done for my breasts and to help other women who may want to have an uplift and implants after pregnancy and 4 wonderful children.  i used to have full D cup boobs before my children but after breastfeeding and pregnancy i was left with empty socks. this left me feeling low about my body for some time.  a friend recommended for me to go and see Nilesh as they had been happy with their breast enlargement a few years ago. i had seen 2 other surgeons in London, one privately and one in a company. i wasnt too keen on either as i didnt feel a connection. When i made my appointment to see Nilesh, him and his nurse made me feel so confortable and at ease. Straight away i knew he was the man! he reassured me and gave me honest advice that i should only use a modest implant size to get a nice shape which is all i really wanted. i wanted to remain natural and was scared that i might end up fake. he explained that naturalness is the aim of surgery. i am now almost a year down the line and couldnt be happpy. i manage to fit into E bras – yipee – and most important of all i feel confident about my body again. i would recommend Mr Sojitra to anyone considering this as he is honest and his team very caring.


V (London)