Labiaplasty, Female, London

We recently undertook a necessary Labiaplasty as a private patient for our daughter in connection with Spires hospital Harpenden and the Cobham Clinic at Luton and Dunstable Hospital and we were absolutely delighted by the caring and professional attitude  shown towards us by Mr Nilesh Sojitra and his secretary, Carolyn.  Before the procedure everything was explained by Nilesh and the anesthetist who put everyone at ease and made our daughter feel valued, she just toddled off  to theatre and came back to us a much happier young person.  The physical and functional deformation that had blighted her life for 3 and half years had gone.  This was only possible because of this team of people, they made it happen and lifted a big burden off our shoulders.  Nilesh clearly understood that our daughter was experiencing various functional problems and that this was not purely cosmetic as some other doctors kept saying.  He didnt fob us off and we are eternally grateful.  He actually listened to us and made it happen and here we are – a much happier daughter and parents.  Our daughter was out socializing the next day and returned to college after 3 days!  First class skills and aftercare and we can fully recommend him and his team.