Breast Augmentation, Female, Essex

Here is a short piece about my breast augmentation I had in September 2012.

I was always the girl at school that had no boobs and it made me so self conscience, as I got into my mid teens all of my friends were developing and not me.  I had always been very skinny so I got away with it growing up, but at 18 I started to consider having implants as looking in the mirror and seeing my flat chest was awful, also things such as clothes – I could never wear low cut tops, my clothes would hang off me and most of all I was never able to fill a 32AA bra.

So after much research, at 20 I went for a consultation with Nilesh Sojitra at Cosmetic Surgeons London after being recommended by a few friends.  Straight away I was made to feel comfortable.  Nilesh explained the whole procedure which put me at ease.  I was able to try on the implants to decide which size I would go for and agreed that 32D was perfect for my physique.  As soon as I got home from the consultation I knew I was going to go ahead so 2 days later I booked in for 5 weeks later which I thought was excellent as I thought I would be waiting at least a few months before I could have it done.

The morning of the operation came and I was at Spire Harpenden Hospital at 7am.  I was so excited I couldn’t wait, all of the staff at the hospital were excellent I couldn’t thank them enough for making me feel so comfortable.  I was escorted down to the theatre room where I was given my anaesthetic and the next thing I remember was coming round in the recovery room and feeling very tight.  After a while I went back to my room and had nurses coming in every half hour checking on me – they were fantastic.

At around 3pm I was discharged from hospital and driven home to rest.  The first few days were painful for me as I had the implants placed behind the muscle but after 5 days I was back at work.

It has now been over 3 months and I have never been happier with my body.  I can now go underwear shopping which I had never done as I found it too embarrassing and also buying clothes now is great as I feel like a woman.  My boobs turned out exactly a 32D and I feel great.  I am no longer worried about my body.  I walk with pride and not hunched over.  It is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent.

I could not thank Nilesh and his team and all at Spire Harpenden enough for making me feel so at ease with my whole experience.