Breast Enlargement (Mummy Makeover), Female, Hertfordshire

I am a 39 year old woman and after 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding both children for a year, my breasts took some ‘beating’ and lost both perkiness and size. I was postponing my decision about breast augmentation for a long while, as I was not keen on big, artificial breasts – I didn’t want a dramatic change and  was not sure if it was possible to achieve just a simple, natural looking, but ‘perky’ cleavage, which would not scream ‘boob job’!  Dr Sojitra managed to achieve just that – I went up 2 sizes after the surgery, but 3 months later and people around me actually still haven’t realised that I had my breasts ‘done’ – the look is very natural and my breasts look like what they used to look before pregnancies (even better!)  – without a need to wear a push up bra.

The whole team works together very well – Carolyn is very efficient in replying to emails and queries and she managed to change the surgery slot for me to accommodate my holiday plans, which was much appreciated.  Nilesh is confident, relaxed and friendly and answers all the questions with honesty.  Teresa is really lovely – her support is crucial on the day of the surgery and afterwards – I felt reassured to know she is around to answer my questions and check on me.  She kept in touch after the surgery by phone calls and texts to make sure I was doing fine – she is always smiling and very knowledgeable.

My biggest worry was the surgery itself – I really do not like hospitals – I even opted to have a water births to avoid going into hospital with my babies!   But SPIRE is a lovely little hospital, everything was efficient and smooth. I was admitted in the morning, quickly checked by Dr Sojitra and the anaesthesiologist, and in a little while I was walked into the theatre and directly to the operating table, where I was given the anaesthetic.  I woke up an hour later in the recovery room and was wheeled back to my room.  A bit dozy, but the pain was very manageable and I was checked on by a nurse every half an hour or so.  Unfortunately I had a reaction to anaesthetics and was throwing up, but it was soon fixed by an injection and once my stomach calmed down the nurse made sure I had some toast and water on hand, while my husband kept me company.  By 3 pm I was ready to go home – I was very impressed, that all there was to remind me of the surgery was two plasters across the incisions and a sport bra – no dressing to change and absolutely no bruises or marks. I had my surgery on Wednesday; I was off pain killers after a couple of days, could have my first shower on Sunday and was back to work on Monday – with nobody wiser. I had to wear the sports bra I was given by the hospital for 6 weeks, but it was no trouble, after the initial few days getting used to it, it became like the second skin.  I had stitches removed by Teresa two weeks later – didn’t feel a thing, it was all over in a couple of minutes. It takes some time for the implants to settle to the right position (they sit a bit high straight after the surgery and are swollen to start with), but now after 3 months they seem to be all settled.

I am very active and spend a lot of time in the gym weight training – I was worried about how the surgery would influence my performance, but I have no issues whatsoever – after the 6 week recommended break from the gym I am able to do everything I have done before and I do not feel any pain or pulling.  I actually keep forgetting I had my breasts done, because they feel completely as my own, which was exactly what I hoped for!

Overall, I was very happy with the care I have received and I would highly recommend Dr Sojitra’s team for anybody who is considering cosmetic surgery.