Breast Augmentation, Female, London

I came to your hospital on 3rd August 2011 to have a breast augmentation and would just like to thank you for everything you did for me. I am so pleased with the results, going from a 30b cup to a 30DD cup. They are amazing now, i just wish i had come to you sooner for the operation. I found the whole experience brilliant, from visiting Mr Sojitra for my consultation right through the operation and your continued help with aftercare etc.
Mr Sojitra immediately put me at ease at the initial consultation. He was by far the most approachable, kind, professional and informative surgeon i had visited (i had been to several different surgeons prior to him over the past 5 years to enquire about this operation) but Mr Sojitra made me feel comfortable from the moment i stepped into his consulting room. I was unsure as to what size to increase my breasts too, he recommended that i try some implants on for size. Now i loved the larger ones 335, but he recommended that i try a smaller size, the 285 ones and then he suggested i have these as he said the large ones would look too big for my frame.  I took his advice and am thoroughly thrilled with the outcome. I can now wear any tops (without a padded bra) and look totally in proportion with the rest of my figure. I really appreciated his feedback on this as previous surgeons i had visited didn’t seem to care what size you had as long as they were doing the operation, whereas Mr Sojitra seemed genuinely concerned to ensure i had the correct size without looking false. I did not want to look like Jordan!!!!
I found the staff at the Spire Hospital in Harpenden lovely  and kind.  The rooms were clean with everything you need in them for your stay. The nurses offered me the chance to stay overnight (at no extra cost) if i so wished.  After leaving the hospital i rang them several times asking various questions and found them very informative and they put my mind at rest with any concerns that i had post op.  Also being able to ring someone at any time really re-assured me.
I have been to see Mr Sojitra for my follow up appointment to check how i am 3 months later and i am so pleased with the results.  I am so happy with the service i received from him that i have since enquired about having more surgery which i would like him to carry out.
Mr Sojitra was recommended to me by a relative and i can honestly say i would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone. He has made a massive difference to my life in that i now have more confidence thanks to my new boobs he gave me and if it wasnt for him i don’t think i would have chosen the correct size myself.
Overall Mr Sojitra, his team of colleagues and the nurses at the hospital made my operation a pleasure.  I was in pain afterwards as you are with all operations but i was back driving after 4 days even though my implants were under the muscle!!!  I continued to work but found certain things impossible to do, such as washing your hair (as it hurts to lift your arms above your head for a while). With all this in mind i would definitely let Mr Sojitra operate on me again and the improvement on my boobs by far out weighs any pain i suffered.
Again thank you for everything and i look forward to seeing you again soon.
Kind Regards