Breast Enlargement, Female, Hertfordshire

I had been considering a BA for years and finally after having my two children I decided to go for a consultation to see if I could finally make my mind up. I went locally to the Spires, Harpenden and chose Nilesh Sojitra because he had good reviews online and his own website which was really informative.  His calm relaxed manner and obvious experience instantly put me at ease and not embarrassed. I tried on several different size prosthetics which he recommended for me and I had lots of opportunities to ask questions. Everything was explained.

The Crisalix software is brilliant. The next day I had simulated images of what I would look like with three different sizes.  I decided to go ahead.

Carolyn his PA is really friendly and helpful and an appointment with the wonderful Teresa, his clinical nurse the week beforehand made sure I was completely prepared and all my questions were answered.  She knows everything there is to know about what to expect before, during and after the op.

I was really scared on the day but the professionalism of everyone at the Spires, put me at ease again, Mr Sojitra came to see me beforehand which also helped.

For the two weeks after the procedure Teresa kept in touch regularly to check I was recovering and answer my questions. She really was invaluable.

I’m really thrilled with the results. They look really natural and symmetrical.  I had no problems post op.   The Crisalix images were bang on and Nilesh definitely recommended the right size implants for the results I wanted.

A big thank you to Nilesh and his brilliant team!