Breast Uplift, Female, London

Dear Mr Sojitra

I saw you this morning for my 2 week consultation after breast reduction/uplift surgery and I did not express properly how I feel now.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my initial happiness and satisfaction with the result of the procedure. Although it was never something that bothered me endlessly but rather something that every now and then irritated me I am extremely pleased that I have had it done now.
In particular I was pleased with your realistic approach to the initial consultations which then gave me the confidence to go though with such an invasive surgery. I can see today that scarring is minimal and I did not have much discomfort or pain afterwards which was a pleasant surprise.  The size is well judged and fits me well now, I feel much healthier and more attractive as a result. I am sure that in time all will settle and become just fine, as mentioned the scars are already looking great, even after such a short time.  Again thank you for your attention to detail and I would happily recommend you to anyone who would consider this operation themselves.
With kind regards