Endoscopic Browlift, Female, Hertfordshire

Here’s my review for Nilesh

Procedure : Endoscopic Browlift

“At the age of 50 my already deep-set eyes were getting very droopy and I felt they were very ageing for my face and made me look sad.  Mr Sojitra explained the procedure in detail;  the recovery involved and the improvements I could expect.  From my initial consultation to my post-op checkup I was very impressed with all stages and the outcome was just what I wanted. My eyes look like they did about 20-30 years ago and they look very natural without a false look to my face. There was hardly any pain afterwards and minimal bruising with the scars hidden in my hair. Friends and family who know I had the procedure are very impressed and people who don’t know have just told I’m looking well!  All-in-all I would recommend the procedure and Nilesh Sojitra at Cosmetic Surgeons London to anyone thinking of having the same thing.”

Many thanks,