Rhinoplasty, Female, Hertfordshire

I have always been unhappy with the side profile of my nose and felt it looked worse as I got older . I decided to have a consultation at Spires with Teresa Jellis the consultant nurse for plastic surgery, Teresa explained everything well and was very supportive. Once I had decided to go ahead I was sent a list of consultants and their qualifications , I decided on Mr Sojitra and arranged my consultation. I had 2 and they both went well I booked in and had the operation , went very smoothly staff were really good and I could not believe that I had no pain to speak of. Mr Sojitra came to see me all had gone well. The bruising etc started to fade rapidly after a week , I kept the splint on for two weeks and was very pleased with the initial results when it came off . It is still settling and I am sure the final result will be even more spectacular.