Breast Asymmetry, Female, Northwood

I found Dr Sojitra at Spire Hospital through recommendation. After losing over 3 stone I had gone from a 38C to a 32A/B and wasn’t happy with my body despite the weight loss. I looked into breast augmentation and decided it was the right choice for me. Surgery won’t fix self esteem issues but it helped me feel comfortable in my own skin again.

I told Dr Sojitra my dream breast size is a 32DD and he recommended me a certain sized implant for each breast to even out the size of my breasts as naturally one was smaller than the other. He also recommended that I go over the muscle as I had excess skin to help the implants look natural.

He was completely right, because my new natural looking breasts have been measured at a 32DD, my scar isn’t noticeable unless under close inspection & it doesn’t even feel like I’ve had surgery!

The staff at Spire made me feel at home throughout my consultations, surgery and also with the aftercare. The team helped me feel positive despite the nerves of an operation. I will recommend Spire & Dr Sojitra to anyone I know interested in breast surgery.

You have changed my life – Thank you!