Rhinoplasty, Female, North London

“I’d always hated the bump on the bridge of my nose and had wanted Rhinoplasty for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t want to look drastically different, just wanted to soften my profile so I looked more feminine.  After lots of research on different surgeons, I had a consultation with Nilesh Sojitra at Spire Hospital Harpenden.  He was very positive about what could be achieved and advised the best way to go.  He even put me in touch with one of this former patients who I spoke to on the phone.  It was very re-assuring to hear that she had been completely happy with the whole experience.  She even shared her before and after photos with me which looked great.  I had my operation just before Christmas 2015 and am I very pleased with the results.  His team Carolyn and Teresa are wonderful.  I would recommend Nilesh Sojitra to anyone considering cosmetic surgery”