Breast Reconstruction (DIEP), Female, Bedfordshire

Following a breast cancer diagnosis, I decided I wanted a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction to give myself the best chance of breast cancer never returning. I was put in touch with Nilesh through my breast surgeon who I had seen at The Spire Hospital Harpenden. I had two consultations with Mr Sojitra,at the Spire Hospital Harpenden, the first consultation where a procedure called DIEP reconstruction was suggested (using my own body tissue from my generous tummy flap having had 4 children), this is the most complex of reconstructive micro surgery but gives the best long term results. I met the wonderful Teresa his plastics nurse who looks after patients with him on follow up appointments. Prior to my first meeting with him Teresa telephoned me to discuss my knowledge of the procedure and also gave me her mobile phone number should I have any further questions or queries. Mr Sojitra  comes across as a very laid back no fuss to the point, quiet person. He agreed I would be a suitable candidate for DIEP reconstruction and explained the procedure which was going to be done within the same operation as the double mastectomy, the whole operation taking between 10 to 15 hours, not many people have a double reconstruction and due to the complexity of the micro surgery and the immediate aftercare I would need, it would have to be performed at the Royal Free in London. However he was very reassuring and daunting and scary as the whole thing was I was not at any time worried or concerned that I had chosen the wrong surgeon, his calm reassuring approach together with his honest realistic recovery explanations made me feel at ease.  His very efficient secretary Carolyn Butterfield rang me to arrange further appointments and also kept me updated on the date for my forthcoming surgery. I had a final appointment with Nilesh prior to my operation and again he answered any questions that I had. On the day of the surgery Nilesh came up to see me in my hospital room with his team, and they were ready for me. No waiting or hanging about. I was in theatre for 13 –14 hours. I was in hospital as Nilesh had predicted for 9 days, the first few days on an NHS ward where the care and nursing I received at the Royal Free was above and beyond, then transferred up to the private patients floor, again with amazing care. I am now 6 weeks post op and have seen Nilesh and Teresa at fortnightly intervals. The results I have on my reconstructed breasts are amazing, I also have due to the operation a flat stomach, as once they have reconstructed you from your stomach you get a tummy tuck as well. I have been very lucky my cancer had not spread, as I chose such radical surgery for me there is no further treatment. But for anyone considering any reconstructive surgery I have one statement to make and that is, “ The mans a GENIUS”, he is very unassuming very professional, and he has reconstructed my breasts in a way that even the nurses were asking, “Are they real”?, I won’t see him and his amazing team now until I have my 6 month follow up, I have been very lucky to be able to walk away from my breast cancer, and very very fortunate to have been put in touch with this amazing man by my breast surgeon. Words can not express the gratitude I feel for what Mr Nilesh Sojitra  has done for me. As I thanked him for giving me back the rest of my life, I meant every word.

Tracey G – Bedfordshire